12 Recipes to Make a Healthier You in 2014

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We have so many food choices to make every day that it shouldn’t be hard to make healthy choices, but I think many times – time in itself gets in the way. I help manage a food blog so most often my decisions are based on what is the most popular food at the time the recipe is being created. However this is really not much of an excuse for not making healthy food choices. With so much emphasis being put on health care today; I’m sure, if there is a certain dish you like, you can find a healthier way to create it. In the past years 100’s of products have be added on the market to help make the food we eat healthier  by decreasing fat, sugar and salt content. Many companies are realizing America is becoming more health conscious and they are voluntarily removing unhealthy ingredients. A lot of emphasis is being put on reducing fats, sugars and increasing the amount of fiber and natural Omega 3 in our diet. However no matter how many changes the food companies make, or how many government regulations are implemented to try and help, the final decision on what we eat is our responsibility.

Make it a goal in 2014 to eat a healthier diet and create a healthier you.

Take a look through the 12 recipes below and if you see one you like give it a try.

Tip: The smoothies are really good!

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