Best Cooking Game Apps For iPhone

If you love cooking, then you’ve probably tried out some of the best cooking game apps for iPhone. They are simple, fun, and allow you to try out dozens of different recipes. Many of the games in the cooking genre follow a freemium model that includes in-app purchases, which can be used to upgrade your equipment or advance faster in the game. These games are designed to be fun and rewarding for anyone who likes to cook and eat.

Best Cooking Game Apps For iPhone (1)

Cooking games on mobile can get repetitive, especially if you play them for long periods. Most games in this genre focus on fast food, while others have a more diverse range of cuisines to offer. Some of the best cooking games for the iPhone have unique elements and are worth downloading. You can find several different cooking game apps for iPhone, but here are a few that we recommend: These are the best cooking game apps for iPhone.

Top Five Cooking Game Apps For iPhone

  • Crazy Chef
  • Cooking Joy
  • Kitchen Craze
  • Cookbook Master
  • Hungry Hearts Diner

A simple cooking game, Sandwich lets you build and decorate your sandwiches. Its unique feature allows you to travel the world and serve people in different locations. You can unlock more trucks as you play the game more, making it more exciting to explore new locations—another great cooking game. Catch and Serve, which allows you to make your favorite sandwich. This app also allows you to buy additional in-app items.

Crazy Chef

With a variety of cuisines, this app is similar to and a great alternative to Kitchen Craze. You’ll be able to prepare a variety of cuisines and serve your customers to their satisfaction. To advance to the next level, you must complete the activities and goals outlined in each level, just like you did in Kitchen Craze. Customers will pay for each dish, which you can spend to upgrade your kitchen or purchase new business locations. This game can only be played on Android devices.

Cooking Joy

Cooking Joy allows you to manage your kitchen and satisfy your clients by delivering their meals on time. In this game, your goal is to deliver your customers their preferred food while earning cash for each successful order. They will leave if you cannot fulfill their order before the meter runs out. Keep an eye on the meter for both clients and dishes so you can deal with them before the timer runs out. To receive extra credits, complete the daily chores—several locales such as a cruise ship, a greenhouse, and Sea World.

Once you attain the requisite level, these sites will become available. With each new location, you’ll unlock new foods and stages, each one more difficult than the last. You can also update your kitchen and its equipment to allow faster cooking.

Kitchen Craze

This game is identical to the previous gameplay but with new animations. Before the time runs out, you must offer your customers their preferred food, such as burgers, hotdogs, and drinks. The game features numerous stages, each with its own set of objectives that must be met to progress. For example, if you serve four customers, you will earn $50, and so on. For each stage, you will get stars according to your game.

New dishes will be added as you progress through the levels, making it more challenging to run your kitchen. It has powerups that can be utilized to reduce the amount of time it takes to cook. You can earn tips by ensuring that customers are satisfied and served as quickly as possible. This game also allows you to upgrade your kitchen and utensils to cut cooking time and serve your customers faster.

Cookbook Master

This is one of the top cooking games apps that will allow you to master cooking a variety of delicacies to accomplish the levels. Unlike the previous games, you will not be tasked with running a restaurant or a kitchen, and you will be able to earn money by cooking the recipes from the book. There are three books: a beginner’s cookbook, an intermediate cookbook, and a master recipe book, all of which contain many recipes to prepare.

The dishes in the books must be prepared exactly as instructed to earn more points. There will be things and groceries that you will need to purchase to prepare the dishes. You must prepare all ingredients, cut them, combine them, pour them, and cook them according to the directions. Once the food is cooked, the score will be based on how well you followed the directions.

Hungry Hearts Diner

Assist an elderly grandmother in running her traditional Japanese dining establishment and getting it back on track. You will be required to provide traditional Japanese cuisine for your customers in exchange for coins. There are various dishes to prepare, and the difficulty level of each dish increases as you cook it. These levels will allow you to serve new delicacies to your patrons.

Aside from that, you can purchase items to renovate the restaurant and expand it so that more people can dine there. You will encounter a variety of clients in the game, including businessmen, monks, schoolgirls, officers, and so on. You’ll be able to speak with them, learn about their background, and keep track of their satisfaction levels. To earn and save money for your restaurant, keep producing the dishes and serving your clients.

Is There A Cooking Game On Apple Arcade?

Because it’s part of the Apple Arcade membership, MasterChef: Let’s Cook! is entirely free of in-app purchases and advertisements. Players will be matched with other cooks from all over the world. After that, they’ll “chop, prepare, plate, and serve exquisite foods with style in amusing mini-games.”

Where Can I Get iPhone Games To Download?

Open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Search or browse for the app you wish to download. If you come across a game that says “Arcade,” you can play it by subscribing to Apple Arcade. The price or Get button can be tapped or clicked.


In the case of cooking games, you can choose between various types. The classics are Diner Dash and Cooking Mama, and they have different features and are fun for both beginners and experienced cooks. If you’re a real-life chef, you’ll find these apps quite addictive and fun. The best cooking games for iPhone are free, so they’re the perfect choice for you! So, check out your favorites and get started.