What is Haddock?

Haddock is a popular fish eaten in many places in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Melanogrammus aeglefinus, their scientific name, comes from the Greek word melanogrammus, which means “black line.” This fish lives in the ocean and belongs to the cod family. Haddock can be found close to the seafloor, where it can eat small fish, … Read more

What is Tilapia?

Tilapia, which was first discovered in the Nile River, may be the world’s oldest farmed fish because there is proof that it was cultivated 2,500 years ago. According to biblical historians, Jesus Christ fed the hordes at the Sea of Galilee with tilapia, often known as St. Peter’s fish in contemporary eateries all around the … Read more

What is Monkfish?

Monkfish have an unusual appearance, but they won’t take first place in any beauty pageants. It is a fish that lives in the North Atlantic and is a bottom-dweller. Despite its unattractive appearance, it is considered a great delicacy! Though the cheeks are also consumed, the tail meat is typically sold because it is the … Read more

How to Make Mackerel?

Mackerel is a  saltwater fish that is a favourite among people who eat it. It is a member of the Scombridae family. Mackerels have stripes on their backs and a greenish-blue colour. They have stunning silver bellies. With a deep fork in their tails, these fish are particularly recognisable. Pelagic fish in this family can … Read more

What is Crawfish?

The names of the same freshwater crustacean—crawfish, crayfish, mudbugs, yabbies, and crawdads—depend on the region of the United States in which they are found. Crawfish are consumed steamed or cooked and resemble little lobsters in appearance. Small freshwater crustaceans known as crawfish have a flavour profile comparable to prawns and lobster. Approximately 95% of the … Read more

Best Whole Fish Recipes

Fish! It has healthy protein and a lot of nutrients you can’t get from cereals, other plants, or meat in the exact amounts or the same kinds. So fish is an essential part of a healthy diet. Proteins, certain fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals are some of its most essential elements. Even though whole fish … Read more

Best Swai Recipes

One of the most common white fish in the United States is swai fish. Basa fish is another name for Swai. They are a kind of catfish, and most come from farms in Vietnam. Its fillet has a mild taste and a soft and firm texture. This tasty, healthy fish works well on the grill, in the oven, or a frying pan. Also, there are many ways to cook it. So, why don’t you try it? Make one of these great recipes for swai fish today.

Best Swai Recipes
Listed below are some of our favorite recipes.

Best Flounder Recipes

The flounder is a flat fish that lives worldwide at the bottom of the oceans. There are many ways to cook flounder, like baking, frying, or grilling. Also, flounder has all the essential nutrients you need to eat. Here we will provide you the best recipes for flounder, which are easy to make and take less time.

Best Flounder Recipes
Listed below are some of our favorite recipes. We hope you enjoy them.

What is Branzino?

What is Branzino?

Branzino is a mild white fish that is often roasted whole and served with lemon in Italian food. The fish, also called European bass, is showing up on menus worldwide because of chefs and diners like the sweet, flaky meat. Branzino is one of six species in the family Moronidae, and this family also has white perch, yellow bass, white bass, and striped bass. Some fish live in freshwater, while others live in the Atlantic Ocean, and one species moves back and forth between the two types of water.

How to Tell if Tilapia is Bad?

How to Tell if Tilapia Is Bad?

When tilapia reaches a certain point in its life, it is likely spoiled or contaminated. It is common to assume that it can be cooked within four minutes, and the fish can rot and become contaminated with pathogens such as ciguatera or scombroid. If you do not notice any of these signs, your tilapia is probably good to eat. To determine whether your tilapia is terrible, check for the appearance of ammonia. It may smell fishy at first but will grow stronger after cooking.

How To Tell If Sushi Is Bad?

How to tell if sushi is bad is something that all food lovers want to learn. This dish is often deceptive with its appearance and texture. The fish should be firm and not wilt or become milky when you touch it. You can also use your finger to press the fish gently, and it should not leave any indentation. If it does, discard the sushi.

Best Cooking Temperature for Poaching Trout

Your poaching liquid should be heated to a low simmer. Make sure your pan has enough liquid to completely cover the fish. Cook for 5 minutes after adding the seasoned fish fillets. Remove the pot from the heat and cover it for 10 minutes to allow the fish to finish cooking.

Testing your fish with a fork at an angle, at the thickest place, and gently twisting it is the easiest way to detect if it’s done. When the fish is done, it will flake easily and lose its translucent or raw aspect.

Lucky Iron Fish for Cooking


When cooking, using Lucky Iron Fish is a great way to add significant iron to the meal. These products can be added to most liquid-based dishes and add a great punch to the nutritional value. Unlike other supplements, Lucky Food is non-toxic and safe for human consumption. The Fish adds a surprisingly large amount of iron to your cooking. The formula is clinically proven and is also much easier on the stomach and the environment.

To purchase Lucky Iron Fish,  You can buy them online for around $25, or you can pick them up in Cambodia for even cheaper.

The Best Grilled Fish Recipes

The best-grilled fish recipes are easy to make, but you should know that the cooking process can be tricky. The main reason is that the meat can be challenging, so you need to marinate the fish in a solution that will make it tender and moist. There are several recipes for grilled fish, and you can find them on the internet. In addition to salmon, you can also grill halibut and portobellos.


You can find more recipes online for grilled fish. You can choose from various choices, such as cod, catfish, pollock, and tilapia.

Best Cooking Games for iPad

The best cooking games for iPad can be fun and challenging, and there are a few you should check out right now. The first one is called “Sandwich.” This simple game is based on building and eating sandwiches. The players must follow a recipe, but they can also customize their sandwiches. They can even buy in-app items such as a new kitchen.

Best Recipe For Cooking Salmon

When cooking salmon, it’s essential to make sure it’s well cooked. If you want to serve it with other meals, this is not the way to go. Because the fillet contains many bones, it is preferable to cook it in a small amount of water rather than oil. This is because poaching salmon produces a softer and more sensitive slice of fish than the other two.

To make the tastiest and moist salmon, start by selecting the appropriate fish. You may use a salmon fillet for this.

Oven Barbecued Rabbit Recipe

This recipe for Barbecued Rabbit can be used with either wild or domestic rabbit meat. I used a domestic rabbit in this recipe because we raise Flemish Giant rabbits. If you are using wild rabbit the cooking time may be a little longer depending on the type and age of the rabbit; parboiling could also … Read more

Crispy Pan Fried Smelt Recipe

Smelt is a small, delicate fish that has been enjoyed as a delicacy for centuries. This versatile fish can be prepared in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular and satisfying methods is pan-frying. In this article, we’ll be sharing a classic recipe for crispy pan-fried smelt that is easy to make … Read more

Rabbit Cacciatore

This Rabbit Cacciatore is perfect for wild or domestic rabbit meat. This recipe has a delicious combination of flavors and tastes exceptionally good on a cold night. If you have rabbit meat available give this one a try you won’t be disappointed, it is delicious. Rabbit Cacciatore Recipe Type: Main Author: Larry Prep time: 15 … Read more

Slow Cooker Rabbit Stew

This Slow Cooker Rabbit Stew recipe is great for wild or domestic rabbit meat. This rabbit stew is cooked in a slow cooker so the meat is guaranteed to turn out tender. I boned out the rabbit and cut the meat into cubes, but you can you use whole rabbit pieces if you would like … Read more