The Best Grilled Fish Recipes

The best-grilled fish recipes are easy to make, but you should know that the cooking process can be tricky. The main reason is that the meat can be challenging, so you need to marinate the fish in a solution that will make it tender and moist. There are several recipes for grilled fish, and you can find them on the internet. In addition to salmon, you can also grill halibut and portobellos.


You can find more recipes online for grilled fish. You can choose from various choices, such as cod, catfish, pollock, and tilapia. Choosing a cheaper fish is always a smart move because these are mild and firm. Adding a squeeze of lemon or another citrus to your grilled fish will add acidity and flavor. You can even cook the fish ahead of time and serve it with a side of vegetables.

Fish Nutrition Fact

Fish Nitrition Fact

Some Best Grilled Fish Recipes

Easy Grilled Tilapia

Here’s a dish that’s both impressive and easy to make: tilapia on the grill! Over here, this flaky white fish has wormed its way into our hearts. We eat mostly plant-based meals, although we occasionally indulge in seafood as part of the Mediterranean diet.

This is the recipe to try if you’re seeking a healthy seafood recipe that fits into your diet. The savory, smoky flavor of the grill is evident in the flaky fish, and it looks beautiful when topped with sweet and soft blistered cherry tomatoes. It’s the perfect summer dinner for entertaining or a weeknight meal.

How Long Should Grilled Tilapia Be Cooked?

Cook it skin side down for 3 to 4 minutes, then skin side up for 3 to 4 minutes! When you pull on the fish with a fork, it flakes. Another technique to check is to use an internal thermometer to see whether it reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit (stick it right into the thickest part of the fish).

Grilled Salmon in Foil

Make Foil-Grilled Salmon! We love charred fish crispy on the exterior, so we were cautious at first. However, this procedure yields a deliciously moist, well-seasoned salmon fillet! It has an appealing flavor, and the most significant thing is that it’s healthy.

It couldn’t be simpler. There’s no need to worry about the fish adhering to the grill grates when you’re flipping it.

How To Grill Salmon In Foil?

For this recipe, all you need to know is what grill temperature to use for salmon and how long to grill salmon in foil. Close the foil for 6 minutes, then open it for 1 to 5 minutes. Here are some hints, or go straight to the recipe for all the details:

Preheat the grill to medium-high, between 375 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
Place the fish on a foil-lined baking sheet. Season it with olive oil and salt and pepper (more on that below). Seal the packet and close it.

Close the foil packet and grill for 6 minutes. Then, with the foil packet open, grill for another 1 to 5 minutes, or until the salmon is cooked and pink or the internal temperature reaches 125 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit at the thickest portion.

Grilled Fish Tacos

When it comes to grilling season, we want to throw everything on the grill…including tacos! These grilled fish tacos are a show-stopping grilled meal with a tonne of flavor.

Consider this: delicate, flaky white fish seasoned with cumin, chili powder, and garlic powder on the grill. Add a dollop of creamy taco sauce and a smidgeon of crunchy slaw on top. It’s everything you want a nutritious dinner to be, wrapped up in a burnt tortilla! (Or, of course, Grilled Shrimp Tacos.)

What Kind Of Fish Is Best For Grilled Fish Tacos?

There are many choices, but these are our favorites:

Tilapia: This white fish has a delicate, flaky texture and a gentle, sweet flavor. It’s easy to come by and frequently used in fish tacos.

Cod: Cod astounds a lot of folks because it’s so delicious! Cod has a lovely mild flavor that even those hesitant to eat fish can like.

Mahi-mahi is more expensive, harder to get by, and has a meatier flavor. This is an excellent alternative if you can’t find the first two.

Perfect Grilled Cod

Here’s a brand-new recipe you didn’t realize you needed: Grilled cod to perfection! This fish is packed with flavor, and it’s one of our favorites from the grill this season. Grilled cod may not strike you as anything to wax eloquent over.

When you coat it in homemade blackened seasoning, it takes on a whole new level of savory and smokey flavor, with a bit of mystery from cloves and allspice. Alternatively, you may achieve the same flavors without the heat by using our seafood seasoning.

What Is The Flavor Of Cod?

Cod has a subtle, clean flavor that isn’t at all fishy. It’s milder than fish such as salmon. It’s frequently referred to as “chicken of the sea” because of its delicate white meat and neutral flavor (though that’s also a tuna brand). Cod is an excellent fish to start with if you don’t think you enjoy fish.

Cajun Grilled Shrimp

Here’s a quick, easy, and flavor-packed grilled dinner recipe: Grilled shrimp with a Cajun flair! You’ll adore this smokey, delicate shrimp if you like Cajun spices and a little heat, and it only takes 5 minutes on the grill.

It’s a terrific summer dish when served with grilled peppers on the side. If you don’t like spicy food, we also have a mild version for you! It all depends on the spice blend you choose to make for yourself.

 What Shrimp Do You Need For Cajun Grilled Shrimp?

For Cajun grilled shrimp, you’ll only need a few items, the majority of which are spices! But, of course, the shrimp is the most important! Here are some pointers on what kind of shrimp to search for:

We used 26-30 per pound medium to large shrimp.

Tail on or peeled: we think tail-on looks the best; however, totally peeled is easier to work with.

Deveined: this is preferred to avoid a deveining procedure.

Grilled Tuna Steak

Good, because grilled tuna steaks are a fantastic grilled dinner idea! The ahi tuna is buttery and creamy, and it tastes more like chicken or steak than fish because it’s been seared to perfection on the outside! This tuna isn’t in the least bit fishy.

Even better, it’s one of the easiest dishes to prepare. Dinner will be ready in 1 to 2 minutes.

What Ingredients Do You Need For Grilled Tuna Steak?

You don’t even need to season ahi tuna because it’s so tasty on its own! Just a little salt and pepper would be enough. Here are the ingredients for grilled tuna steaks:

Look for sashimi-grade ahi tuna steaks. Wild-caught tuna is the most sustainable option if you can locate it. Fresh or frozen tuna steaks can be used; if frozen, defrost it overnight in the refrigerator the night before you plan to grill.


Grilled fish recipes are an excellent option for summer entertaining. These easy-to-prepare and cook grilled fish are ideal for weeknight meals or family dinners. Just make sure you don’t use oil to prepare them. These grilled fish recipes are perfect for a quick summer dinner, and they are delicious and make a great meal. This is a simple meal for the whole family, and this dish is also suitable for weekend barbecues and weeknight entertaining.