What is Haddock?

Haddock is a popular fish eaten in many places in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Melanogrammus aeglefinus, their scientific name, comes from the Greek word melanogrammus, which means “black line.” This fish lives in the ocean and belongs to the cod family. Haddock can be found close to the seafloor, where it can eat small fish, … Read more

How to Cook Haddock?

How to make a healthy and delicious haddock fish on the! Our simple haddock recipe makes a delicious fish supper that isn’t overly fishy. It’s a hit with the kids, too! It’s a stovetop meal with a light red tomato sauce that feeds a large number and cooks quickly. It’s done as soon as the Haddock is flaky! It’s that easy. This haddock recipe is also a big favorite during our Christmas Eve feast. To go with the Haddock, I always make angel hair pasta.