Coffeemate Creamer Nutrition Facts

Coffeemate creamer is America’s favorite flavored coffee creamer. This cholesterol-free, lactose-free, and vegan product is also made with Kosher dairy and has a two-year shelf life. Its flip top pour design makes it easy to pour and enjoy a creamy cup of coffee. Its unique nutrition facts make it an excellent choice for those looking for a delicious, healthy, and convenient alternative to traditional coffee creamers.

Coffeemate Creamer

The Nestle Coffee-mate Original Powdered Coffee Creamer is perfect for making a great cup of coffee. This dairy-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free product is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a little flavor to their morning cup. Its simple, no-mess packaging makes it a simple addition to your coffee. It even wakes your coffee, too! Just add water and stir, and the creamer will wake up.

Coffeemate Creamer Nutrition Facts

Coffeemate Creamer Nutrition Facts

The Nestle Coffee-mate Original Powdered Coffee Creamer is the best choice for creating a rich cup of coffee. It is lactose-free, gluten-free, and non-dairy and is excellent for making a classic cup of coffee. Its powdered form makes it easy to add flavor and wakes up your coffee. The creamer contains sugar, so it’s not recommended for vegetarians.

Nestle Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla

Nestle Coffee-Mate is flavored coffee creamer. The French Vanilla Flavored Liquid Concentrate Pump Bottle gives your coffee a rich, creamy vanilla flavor.
Simple Pleasures: Stir our lactose- and cholesterol-free bulk liquid creamer into a cup of coffee for a beautiful boost of flavor; the pump bottle saves space, is easy to clean, and is tamper-proof (unique pump system locks pump to bottle, making it impossible to remove or tamper with)

Delicious Flavor You Can Rely On: Shelf stable, no refrigeration required, and will keep their delicious flavor for up to 9 months at room temperature; once opened, they have a 30-day shelf life.

Nestle Coffee mate Coffee Creamer, French Vanilla


Our liquid concentration Coffee-mate pump bottle formula is thicker than our other liquid formats and is specifically intended to dispense through the pump system readily; one pump equals one creamer single; 300 servings per bottle; swiftly blends with both hot and cold beverages.
Dietary Advantages: Non-Dairy + Lactose-Free + Cholesterol-Free + Gluten-Free + Kosher Dairy

Side Effects Of Coffee Mate

According to the Coffee-mate creamer class action, scientific evidence shows that trans fat found in products like partially hydrogenated oil can cause various health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated memory damage, and cognitive decline.

 Healthiest Coffee Creamer

  • Califia Dairy-Free Better Half Original.
  • Elmhurst Unsweetened Oat Creamer.
  • Chobani Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer.
  • Nut Pods Original Unsweetened Creamer.
  • So Delicious Organic Coconut Milk Creamer.
  • Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Creamer.
  • CoffeeMate Funfetti Creamer.

Coffeemate Creamer is a non-dairy, lactose-free, and gluten-free product. It is easy to use and adds classic flavor. You can store it in the fridge or freezer and use it as soon as you want. Just remember to use the best by date on the back of the bottle. Once you open the package, make sure to keep it in a dry, cool place.

For Liver Health, Coffee Is Recommended

“At least three cups a day is recommended to help avoid liver disorders,” says Dr. Wakim-Fleming. Even more — as many as four, five, or even six cups per day — may be beneficial if you have hepatitis or fatty liver disease.

However, not everyone can handle that much coffee without exploding (or worse). It can cause headaches, difficulties falling asleep, nervousness, and jitters in some people. Dr. Wakim-Fleming only recommends this path if you can tolerate it. Excessive coffee could be risky if you have an irregular heart rate or other heart problems. If you have lung cancer, coffee may cause issues. In such circumstances, stay away until you speak with your doctor.

Skip the milk and sugar if you can drink coffee without them. It’s especially crucial not to add extra fat and sugar to your coffee if you have fatty liver disease. People with fatty liver disease are more likely to have diabetes and obesity. “The best coffee is black,” adds Dr. Wakim-Fleming. If you can’t stand the taste of it plain, try substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar. Instead of cream, use skim milk or plant-based milk.

What Is The Composition Of Coffee-Mate Creamer?

The Coffee-Mate Creamer composition consists of sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), 2 percent or less of dipotassium phosphate, sodium aluminosilicate, mono- and diglycerides, artificial flavor, annatto color, corn syrup solids, hydrogenated vegetable oil (coconut and/or palm kernel

Is Coffee Mate Creamer Harmful To Your Health?

According to the Coffee-mate creamer class action, scientific evidence shows that trans fat found in products like partially hydrogenated oil can cause various health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated memory damage, and cognitive decline.

There are no vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants in a coffee mate. Thus there are no nutritional benefits to drinking it. While it may appear that a small amount of coffee creamer won’t hurt, the cumulative effects of these chemicals are just unhealthy to consume daily. Nondairy creamer’s fat is usually trans fat, a harmful form of fat. A tablespoon has 1.5 grams of fat, but most people who use it pour 2 to 4 teaspoons into their cup of coffee, making it no better than half and half in terms of fat.

Is Coffee Mate A Superior Alternative Than Milk?

Powdered milk is never better than fresh milk when it comes to coffee. If you reside in a hot nation or go on vacation to a hot country, you could be better off using Coffee-Mate rather than conventional fresh milk because the heat causes fresh milk to spoil quickly. Half-and-half and 1% milk are better options than non-dairy creamers, and they have fewer additives and are higher in vitamins and minerals. However, 1 percent milk is the best choice between these two dairy options because it has less saturated fat and cholesterol than half and half.


Nestle Coffee-mate Original Powdered Coffee Creamer is an excellent choice for creating a delicious cup of coffee. It’s dairy-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free and makes adding flavor easy. Its powdered formula allows you to easily add flavor to your coffee while keeping it fresh and sanitary. Moreover, it’s easy to prepare and store. Mix the coffee mate powdered creamer with the milk in your cup and stir it well.