How to Make Jasmine Milk Tea?

You’ve probably wondered how to make jasmine milk tea. After all, the drink is delicious, but how do you prepare it? Here are some tips to guide you to make the tastiest tea. Jasmine tea is a type of tea that has a delicate floral flavor from the fresh jasmine blossoms that are added to it. Most jasmine tea is made with green tea, but you can also get jasmine-scented white, black, and oolong teas. Jasmine milk tea is a tasty flavor of bubble tea that has been a favorite of boba fans for a long time.

How to Make Jasmine Milk Tea

What is Jasmine Tea?

People in China during the Ming Dynasty liked how the flower tasted and how it looked. Around 700 years ago, this is why jasmine was used as a hot drink. During the Qing Dynasty, the tradition kept going. To improve the taste, green tea leaves, lychee, and citrus flavors were added.

Have you ever been to an Asian restaurant and started your meal with jasmine tea? It’s not by chance that jasmine tea is still a big deal in Asia. The smelly drink is a favorite among tea drinkers because it smells strong and floral. It has a lot of antioxidants and has been linked to a lot of great health benefits. For example, drinking jasmine tea might make you less likely to get heart disease, dementia, and some cancers. It might also help you lose weight, take better care of your teeth, and make your brain work better.

Jasmine Tea History

The city of Fuzhou in China is often linked to jasmine tea. During the Han dynasty, jasmine was brought to China. Soon after, it was used to scent tea for the first time. In Buddhism, the jasmine flower is one of the holy flowers. It also has religious and cultural meanings all over Asia. Jasmine tea is also closely linked to its use as a medicine and to the Gongfu tea ceremony, a meditative ritual for making the tea.

How to Make Jasmine Milk Tea?

One of the most popular flavors of bubble tea is jasmine milk tea. It has a light floral scent and is creamy and rich. Remove the tapioca pearls if you want to make a simple, plain jasmine milk tea.


  • 1 teaspoon jasmine tea leaves
  • ½ cup boiling water
  • ½ cup milk 1 tablespoon sugar
  • ½ cup tapioca pearls boiled


  1. Boil water, add jasmine tea leaves, and let sit for 3–7 minutes.
  2. To get rid of the leaves, use a spoon or a strainer.
  3. To make tasty jasmine milk tea, mix your favorite milk or creamer with tea leaves and sugar.
  4. To make a bubble tea, boil the tapioca pearls for 3–5 minutes. Drain it and put it in the drink. Serve either hot or cold.

Useful Tip on How to Make Jasmine Milk Tea

Here are some helpful tips for the following recipe to get the best jasmine milk tea taste.

  • Water Temperature

First, you need to make the drink with filtered water. Bring the water to a boil and then let it cool down a bit. When the water is not boiling, it needs to be 90°C, which is 190°F. Instead, it burns for about three minutes to get to this temperature. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves or a tea bag to one cup of water. In the recipe for milk tea, the jasmine tea flavor should be light and clean. If the tea you make tastes bitter or sour, there may be something wrong with the way you make it. In this case, try turning up the heat, letting the tea steep for less time, or buying a different kind of tea.

  • Flower or Flower Buds

If the jasmine is in the form of flower buds, you can use six to eight tiny flower buds per cup. On the other hand, you only need 4-5 dried flowers to make a large cup or a full pot of jasmine milk tea.

  • Jasmine Milk Tea Powder

Instead of loose leaves or bags, you can use jasmine milk tea powder to save time. This is a great way to get a drink that tastes as if it came from a boba shop but doesn’t cost as much or take as long. There are a lot of choices, but Buddha Bubbles Boba is the one we like best. Their powder doesn’t taste too sweet or fake, and most importantly, it’s cheap.

  • Milk Option

For this milk tea recipe, you can use soy, almond, oat, or even coconut milk. But almond or oat milk is the best substitute for cow’s milk because it has the same creamy texture.

There are many ways to make the perfect cup of jasmine milk tea, but the classic recipe with only four ingredients is one of the best. This milk tea recipe doesn’t have many ingredients, so it’s easy to make and keeps the delicate floral scents.

How do you Store Jasmine Tea?

It can be easy to store tea. If you store your tea in a container that doesn’t let air in and then put that container in a dark, cool, dry place with no strong smells, you’ll probably be able to finish it before the smell or taste changes. You can keep brewed jasmine tea in the fridge for up to 4 days if you put a lid on it. Loose jasmine tea leaves should be kept in a container that keeps out air, light, smell, and heat.

What are the Nutritional Value and Health Benefits of Jasmine Milk Tea?

Green tea leaves are used most of the time to make jasmine tea. So, this tasty drink is good for your health in many ways.


In general, the drink is full of antioxidants that protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Damage to cells caused by free radicals can speed up aging and make you sick.

Drinking jasmine milk tea can be a guilt-free indulgence. Its health benefits come from a combination of green tea and jasmine flowers. Fresh jasmine flowers are placed with the tea leaves and replaced every 24 hours for several days. Jasmine has antioxidant properties and is known to help prevent free radical damage to cells, proteins, and DNA. They are also linked to diseases such as cancer and aging.

Weight Loss

This drink can also make it easier to lose weight. Because this drink speeds up the metabolism, the body will be able to burn fat faster.

Oral Health

There aren’t many drinks that are good for your teeth as much as jasmine milk tea. The drink has polyphenols called catechins that help fight cavities. It has been shown that polyphenols can lower the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


This magical drink has between 15 and 60 mg of caffeine per cup, which can make the brain work faster. Caffeine can make a person more alert and full of energy. The amount of caffeine can change based on how long the tea is steeped and which loose leaves are used to make the tea. For example, every 240 ml of jasmine tea with green tea has about 25 mg of caffeine. On the other hand, this dose is much higher than the 47 mg of black tea, and between the two options, the white tea base has 30 mg of caffeine. But this is about 95 mg less than what is in a cup of coffee.

What does Jasmine Milk Tea Taste?

The boba drink has a light floral taste that is similar to that of pure tea. But because condensed milk is added, jasmine milk tea has a thick and creamy texture. But bubble tea drinks can also be made with regular milk or non-dairy creamer. Depending on where you live, this might be more common than adding condensed milk, which makes the beverage snack sweeter.

A cup of the jasmine milk tea has a rich and creamy texture and tastes heavenly. Made with sugar, creamer, and tea, jasmine milk tea is an indulgent treat. The traditional style uses whole milk, but dairy-free options are also available. For those concerned with their diet, you can try skimmed milk. Aim to have two to three cups daily. It is recommended to steep the tea for no longer than 3 minutes.


Drinking jasmine milk tea has numerous benefits. Its enchanting aroma and beautiful appearance have made it a popular beverage. Besides being a delicious drink, jasmine milk tea also helps you lose weight and maintain good oral health. Here are some of its benefits. Read on to discover how to make this delicious tea. Listed below are a few tips for making jasmine milk tea.

Almost every beverage has a sweet taste. The sweet flavor of jasmine tea is no exception. When you make jasmine milk tea, you can add sweeteners, such as honey, if desired. You can even use tapioca pearls to add to your drink. After steeping the jasmine tea, you can strain out the leaves. You can then add sweetener, creamer, or both to your cup. Make sure to thoroughly mix the tea before serving.