Jack Daniels Honey Nutrition Facts

Jack Daniel’s Honey has some unique nutritional values. It has no calories and is a low-carb beverage that is also healthy. It is fat-free and cholesterol-free, has a sweet and tangy flavor, and is a delectable way to conclude your day. Jack Daniel’s Honey, unlike most whiskeys, is low in calories and high in protein. Try a tablespoon of sugar for a quick sugar fix.

Jack Daniels Honey

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey-Whiskey contains only 84 calories per ounce and no carbs. There are no proteins or ethyl alcohol in the whiskey. Jack Daniels has a low alcohol concentration and does not contain any fat. As a result, it’s a healthy weight-loss option. It has no added sugar or calories and does not induce bloating.

Tennessee Whiskey is low in calories but high in carbohydrates. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, which has only six grams of sugar and is 70 proof, is similar. The sugar content is entirely safe, and it also contains no fat or cholesterol, making it an excellent weight-loss beverage. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll only need a small amount of this alcoholic beverage.

Jack Daniels Honey Nutrition Facts

The alcohol concentration of Jack Daniels Tennessee Old No. 7 Whiskey is a low-calorie beverage. Ethyl alcohol, a beneficial chemical in the body, accounts for most calories. Jack Daniels is low-calorie and low-fat compared to sugar, making it a great beverage to drink if you attempt to lose weight. It has a low gram-to-gram ratio.Jack Daniels Honey Nutrition Facts

What Goes Well With Jack Daniels Honey?

Add 1 part Jack Daniel’s Honey Whiskey, two parts cranberry juice, and four parts sweet tea, steeped to your desired strength, to make this delectable mixer. Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled glass and whisk, or strain with a cocktail shaker. You may mix it with iced tea. You might want to try club soda and try classics like Sprite or ginger ale if you’re looking for something lovely. Suppose I were in the mood and had a fully stocked bar.

Is Real Honey Used in Jack Daniels Honey?

Tennessee Honey by Jack Daniel’s is a honey-flavored whiskey liqueur. It combines the brand’s well-known Tennessee whiskey with an authentic honey liqueur. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a blend of their honey liqueur and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, created from corn, rye, and malted barley. The whiskey is filtered through 10-foot stacks of sugar maple charcoal to “mellow” it out, a unique feature of Jack Daniel’s.

Is Jack Daniels Honey Strong?

Tennessee Jack Daniels Honey is a “finely crafted honey liqueur combined with Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey,” according to the label. It’s a 70-proof light amber spirit that’s robust but not as strong as standard Jack Daniels. I’d try combining it with half ginger ale, half club soda, a squeeze of lime, and a dash of bitters. Jack Daniel’s has created a fantastic whiskey liqueur. Jack Daniel’s Honey is a blend of rich spices and smooth, silky honey that tastes great over ice or coffee.

Jack Daniels Honey

What is the Flavor of JD Honey?

The flavors are still dark and deep, with sweet milky coffee, dark chocolate, demerara sugar, and candied lemon touches. There’s also a rich and sweet honey undertone beneath it all, as you’d anticipate – gently aromatic and fragrant, with an authentic honey flavor Tennessee Honey by Jack Daniel’s is a lovely, nuanced Jack. It has Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey’s robust flavor, a rich honey flavor, and a nutty finish.

Is Jack Daniels Honey Too Sweet?

It certainly doesn’t taste like Jack Daniels. On the nose and palate, it’s pretty sweet with a lot of vanilla. The trouble is that it’s too sweet to drink straight, even with a mixer like Coke or lemonade, and the honey makes it too sentimental to drink neat Tennessee Honey by Jack Daniels is one of the most drinkable whiskey-based liqueurs we’ve ever tried. It’s sweet without sticky, and the richness is offset with a generous quantity of cinnamon and spice.

What Kind of Soda Goes Well With Jack Daniels Honey?

Summertime and Jack are a match made in heaven. Combine 1 part Jack Honey, two parts lime juice, and a splash of ginger ale in a mixing glass. Serve with a lime wedge and mint for garnish, then relax and enjoy 1 ounce Tennessee Honey Lemonade: In a tall ice-filled glass, combine 1 ounce Tennessee Honey, 3/4 ounce brandy, and 1-ounce sour mix. Stir in the lemon-lime soda and serve with a cherry on top.

The nutritional value of a bottle of Tennessee Honey from Jack Daniel’s is pretty impressive. It has only 824 calories and is calorie-free, making it an excellent alternative for individuals aiming to stay in shape. The drink’s alcohol does not produce a blood sugar surge, and it is low-carb. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey contains no carbohydrates or protein, making it an excellent snack or alcoholic beverage.

The low-calorie level of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is another fantastic benefit. There are no carbs, fats, or proteins in a single serving of this whiskey. While heavy in calories, it is cholesterol-free and has zero glycemic indexes. Furthermore, it has a flavor similar to that of other famous whiskeys. However, it isn’t easy to drink too much of it because of the high-calorie content. Therefore, no more than two or three cups per day are recommended.


Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey has 824 calories per tablespoon. It is fat-free and gluten-free. It also has a reduced sugar content, which is beneficial for diabetes. The drink is cholesterol-free. This alcoholic beverage is minimal in calories and fat, but it can induce stomach problems. A glass of Jack Daniels is an excellent choice for a nightcap or a supper. It has about the same calories as a glass of wine or spirits.

A glass of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey – Whiskey has 824 calories and nil fat for those looking for further nutritional information. The whiskey is entirely made out of carbohydrates and has no protein, and this is ideal for people searching for a high-calorie, low-carb snack. It’s also low-carb and low-fat, making it a healthy option.