Reese’s Cereal Bars Nutrition Facts

If you love peanut butter, marshmallows, and Reese’s, you’ll be happy to know that Reese’s cereal bars are quite nutritious. These bars contain nutritious ingredients, including peanuts, whole-grain corn, canola oil, and vitamin E. They also contain calcium carbonate, niacinamide, and vitamin B1.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Flavored Chips contain peanuts, sugar, corn syrup solids, palm kernel oil, and soy lecithin. Reese’s Peanut Butter Chick contains palm kernel oil, a fat that contains trans-fatty acids and monoglycerides. This delicious treat is also high in sodium.

Reese's Cereal Bars Nutrition Facts

Reese’s Cereal Bars Nutrition Facts

Reese's Cereal Bars Nutrition Facts


Corn syrup, chocolate flavored crisp rice flour, cocoa processed with alkali, sugar, barley malt extract, dextrose, corn starch, canola oil, corn meal, salt, Hershey’s cocoa, red 40, yellow 5&6, blue 1, and other (peanuts monoglycerides, peanut oil, molasses). Glycerin, maltodextrin, sorbitol, water, peanut oil, gelatin, nonfat dry milk, whey, natural and artificial flavor, and soy lecithin are contained in a 2% or less amount.

Vitamins and minerals include calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, zinc, and iron (mineral nutrients), vitamin c (sodium ascorbate), vitamin b2 (riboflavin), vitamin b1 (thiamin mononitrate), vitamin a (palmitate), vitamin b12, and vitamin d3.

Are Reese’s Cereal Bars Gluten-Free?

Reese’s Puffs cereal from General Mills is gluten-free and manufactured with whole-grain corn flour rather than wheat flour. There is a chance of cross-contamination. However, the ingredient and nutrition label cautions that the product might include wheat components. Those adhering to a rigorous gluten-free diet should avoid this product since it may have come into contact with wheat substances during manufacturing.

Are Reese’s Puffs a Healthy Breakfast Option?

Reese’s Puffs are not a nutritious option for breakfast. Your body receives zero nutrition from this cereal. Why would you eat something that would not nourish your body? As we discussed, the first two main ingredients in this cereal are A. whole grain corn, which sounds good but damages our bodies since extrusion creates the “puffing” sensation. B. added sugar.

From that point on, the substances and additives don’t get much better. Our advice would be to immediately stop serving Reese’s Puffs for breakfast in your family.

What does Reese’s Cereal Bars Taste Like?

The texture is what you anticipate from a corn puff cereal, whether dry or wet. It has a good crunch with and without milk, but as it soaks in, it gets drier from the outside. A sweet frosted glaze that melts and dissolves in your mouth is applied to each slice. The flavor is primarily peanut butter with a faint undertone of chocolate.

It could use a little more chocolate, but it tastes like smooth Reese’s Peanut Butter with added sugar. One of its main ingredients is Reese’s Peanut Butter, and sugar comes in second.

Are Reese’s Cereal Bars Vegan?

Reese’s Puffs are not vegan, so no. Reese’s Puffs most likely doesn’t fit a strict definition of being vegan based on the vitamin D3 content alone. Some vegans can have problems with sugar as well.

Due to the minimal quantity of Vitamin D in these cereals, some vegans believe it is acceptable to consume them, but you must make your judgment. We suggest looking for a vegan substitute in the supermarket as an alternative.

Why are Reese’s Pieces not Vegan?

Reese’s Pieces goods are not vegan because they all contain milk. As discussed later, they also include a few other potentially non-vegan components.

Ingredients not vegan in the traditional Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Candy:


Milk is naturally not vegan, which is why Reese’s Pieces contain it.

Synthetic Colors

Even though artificial colors don’t contain any animal products, some vegans shun them because of the animal testing involved. Because it is unknown how frequently artificial colors are tested on animals and not all companies that employ them support testing, some vegans are happily consuming them.


There are numerous sources of lecithin, some of which are vegan and others that are not. Inferring that the lecithin used in Reese’s Pieces is vegan is therefore possible.


Although cane sugar is occasionally refined with bone char, which is burned animal bones, sugar itself is not an animal product. Since sugar doesn’t technically contain bone char, it might have come into contact with it; some vegans are alright with this.

But a lot of vegans steer clear of sugar that has been refined with bone char. Given that the Hershey Company, which manufactures Reese’s, has numerous sugar suppliers, some probably refine their sugar using bone char.

Confectioners’ Glaze

The confectioner’s glaze is also a component of Reese’s Pieces. Shellac, made from insect secretions, is an ingredient in the confectioner’s glaze. It imparts a glossy, smooth touch to confectionery.

Does Reese’s Help you Lose Weight?

The additional sugar in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is the biggest nutritional problem. This sugar contains too many calories without offering any further advantages. These added sugars are empty calories and have been connected to weight growth and chronic illnesses that correlate with being overweight.

Is it Ok to Eat Reese’s Cereal Every Day?

Like the candy after which the cereal is named, Reese’s Puffs contain a lot of sugar—10 grams in each serving of 1 cup. And as Healthline notes, consuming too much sugar over time can result in several health problems, such as diabetes, weight gain, and even obesity.

Five Things to Consider Before Eating Reese’s Pieces

These few facts about them will likely surprise you.

They aren’t Produced Using the Same Filling as the Cups

According to a Hershey Company representative, the pieces’ base is a formula for sweetened peanut meal that has the consistency of chocolate created by Hershey’s back in the 1970s, even though they have a similar taste.

You Get So Much Orange for a Reason

The desired color distribution for the candy is 50% orange, 25% brown, and 25% yellow, so if you’re wondering why your box or bag is overflowing with orange pieces, that’s why.

They have Gone Beyond Pieces

Reese’s combined the cups and pieces into one Big Cup earlier this year, essentially a huge Reese’s Cup loaded with Pieces because having to choose between your two favorites is the worst.

These Sugar-Coated Products were not Hershey’s First

Hershey’s first candy-coated chocolate discs, known as Hershey-Ets, were produced in the 1950s after the company mastered the technology to make sugar-coated (or panned) chocolates. These gradually went out of style, giving place two decades later to Reese’s Pieces.

E.T. Preserved Reese’s Pieces

Reese’s Pieces sales started to fall after a great introduction. Fortunately, Hershey’s received a call from Universal Studios informing them that Steven Spielberg wanted to incorporate chocolate in the movie. They decided that Hershey’s would aid in promoting the film (via trade promotions, consumer marketing, and displays starring E.T. ). In exchange, Hershey’s would have the exclusive right to advertise and promote confections. Product sales nearly tripled after the movie.


Eating a Reese’s is really enjoyable because of the rich texture and contrasting flavors. A sea salt caramel, also available chocolate-dipped, is a fantastic treat to get the flavor of a Reese, which blends salty peanut butter and sweet chocolate.

Reese’s is not acceptable for vegans, but not all vegan options are horrible; many excellent ones are wonderful. You can order vegan peanut butter cups from companies like Legendary Foods, Unreal, and Justins online or visit stores like Whole Foods to purchase them in person. Since some firms don’t spend as much on advertising as most big brands do, you frequently have to research them.