What is Breve Milk?

You’ve probably heard of Breve milk, which is half-and-half steamed with espresso. It is comparable to a latte but contains much more fat and cholesterol. Despite its name, this beverage is not as creamy as you expect. It is served cold and has a higher fat and cholesterol content than the typical latte. What it is and how to make it at home are described in this article.

Breve Milk

What is Breve Milk?

Breve, which stands for “Caffè breve,” is an espresso beverage that uses foamed half-and-half in place of milk. A half-and-half mixture is a milk and cream.

Half & half contain significantly more milk fat than regular milk, making it creamier and richer than regular milk-only espresso drinks. Half-and-half has 12% milk fat, while whole milk has about 4%.

Due to the high-fat content of half & half, small drinks with less milk than a latte, like corridors and macchiatos, are some of the best options for Breve.

Caffe Breve is an Espresso-Based Drink that is Prepared with Steamed Half-and-Half

You can prepare a basic cafe breve at home using equipment you most likely already have. You’ll need a latte maker and an espresso machine to froth the milk. A standard 2-ounce cup of brewed coffee can also be used. The espresso should taste rich and full-bodied without being overpowering or creamy. Milk fat in half-and-half should range from 10% to 12%.

Caffe breve, pronounced “beve,” is an American take on the latte, an Italian beverage. The latter can be made with equal parts cream and milk or is sometimes sold in premixed form. Although it is optional, adding sugar won’t change how authentic the beverage is.

Caffe breve makes delicious espresso drinks and is a great place to get a great cup of coffee to start the day. Caffe breve espresso is typically made with whole espresso beans and served in a smaller cup, but you can also use flavored syrups to improve the flavor. The espresso can also be replaced with strong brewed coffee. You’ll need to make sure the amounts are measured accurately, though.

Compared to a Latte, it has More Fat and Cholesterol

While a latte is still the healthier option for most coffee drinkers, a breve has much higher fat and cholesterol levels. About three times as much fat and cholesterol are present in a breve as opposed to a latte. This is so because only 12% of half-and-half is made up of fat; the remainder is water. Breves typically come in larger sizes as well.

A latte is an espresso-based drink that contains a lot of steaming milk. This is distinct from the fancier half-and-half frequently utilized to create latte flavors. Due to the espresso, a latte has a strong flavor, but the milk helps to balance it. Although lattes are frequently consumed for breakfast, they can be enjoyed anytime and help you stay alert all day long.

While a breve is not a bad option for a cup of coffee, not everyone will enjoy it. A breve has more fat and cholesterol than a latte, even though a latte can be made with whole milk or half-and-half. However, most coffee drinkers can still enjoy the milk in a breve because it is still healthier than a latte.

You could Serve it Cold

Coffee grounds or pods can be put into an espresso maker, but the most sophisticated Italian models can make a full espresso straight from the bean. A good latte machine will produce the ideal espresso base and foam the Breve to perfection. t frequent error with breve milk is using hot milk instead of cold. Not only can this lead to a bad espresso, but it can also taint the beverage’s Flavour.

Breve can be prepared in a variety of ways. Whole milk can be substituted for half-and-half, but the texture will be less creamy. Use heavy cream for a flavor that is richer. Heavy cream may be too rich for some people to enjoy. Depending on how much espresso you’ve brewed, you’ll need the appropriate coffee for your Breve. Depending on your preference, you can use either Robusta or Arabica beans.

How to Make Breve?

Despite the fancy name, Breve milk is simple to make at home. This unusual beverage is ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy a rich mouthfeel and sweet notes. You can serve it in a clear glass, making it a great addition to your coffee menu. You can substitute Breve for regular milk in addition to enjoying the taste of it. The following are some hints and recommendations for preparing Breve at home.

What You’ll Need to Make a Breve

  • An Espresso Machine or a Nespresso
  • Breve is an espresso-based beverage, so an espresso-making machine is required.
  • Coffee
  • With the richness of the half-and-half, a dark roast will go better.
  • Purified water
  • For coffee, always use high-quality water.
  • Half & Half
  • Make sure to use half-and-half rather than heavy cream.


  • Draw two espresso shots.
  • Due to the richness of the half & half, Breve drinks are typically on the smaller side. Use a cup with a 6-ounce capacity.
  • I am steaming half-and-half.
  • Add half-and-half to the espresso.
    Aim for a mixture of half-steam, half-and-half, and foam.


  • For best results when using an espresso machine, buy whole coffee beans and grind them before preparing the drink.
  • The ideal blend for breves is equal parts espresso, half-and-half, and foam. The espresso flavor will be overwhelming if you use too much half-and-half.
  • Even though “breve” means “short” in Italian, the beverage is an Americanized version of an Italian latte. It is, therefore, unlikely to be found outside of the United States.
  • Use a dark roast coffee that can withstand the rich dairy because half & half are so thick and creamy.
  • Since steamed half & half are already sweet, taste them before you add any sweetener. You might not even need to add any sugar.

What Makes a Latte Different from a Breve?

The milk makes a difference. A latte is an espresso beverage made with regular milk, whereas Breve typically refers to the type of milk used (which is half & half). Order a breve latte if you want your latte with half and half.

What Flavour does Breve Milk have?

Breve milk’s high-fat content gives the beverage a creamier, slightly caramel-flavored taste because the steaming process turns the whole milk’s sugar into caramel, which makes it taste sweeter than a latte. A breve drink will also have a stronger coffee flavor.

Is Breve Good for you?

A breve has a relatively low nutritional value and can have extremely high cholesterol levels because it is made with half whole milk, half-light, or occasionally heavy cream. Not to mention that half-and-half doesn’t double in size when frothed as whole milk does.

We advise saving the breves for special occasions and making a regular latte or skinny latte your go-to beverage if you’re looking for a healthier alternative.

Is Breve Better Than a Latte?

The process for making a breve and a latte is the same. Due to the use of half-and-half rather than milk, the Breve has a sweeter, creamier flavor than a latte.

A latte is much healthier if you’re watching your calorie intake. However, a 12 oz drink has about 130 more calories than a cafe latte, so it’s not a better option for dieters! Breves don’t require additional sugar or sweetener because of their sweeter flavor.


You now have all the information you need to make or order a breve. A breve is a great alternative to a regular latte that uses half-and-half rather than whole milk. It is a decadent, creamy espresso beverage. It is also simple to make. Half-and-half and an espresso shot are all you need. However, remember that any espresso beverage can be made “breve.”

Breve half-and-half is what distinguishes it, though. Breves feel fluffier and creamier than a regular latte due to the half-and-half’s higher fat content. It is also considerably sweeter and richer.