Best E Juice Recipes

If you are a beginner at making vape juice, you might wonder what the best e juice recipes are available today. The most popular e-juice recipes are easy to find and do not require exotic flavorings or other ingredients. These e-liquid recipes come from skilled mixologists and include six original e-juice recipes and three clones of commercially available e-liquids. These e-juices are sometimes referred to as remixes.

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When creating DIY e juice, it’s essential to remember that you can only add as much flavor as you want to the mixture. If you add too much, the flavor will be too overpowering and ruin your entire batch. Always remember to steep your flavors according to your taste. It’s also important to keep in mind that you should use no more than 10% of the flavoring agents, so make sure to keep that in mind when experimenting.

6 Amazing E-Juice Recipes That You’ll Love to Make

There’s no better way to get started with DIY vape juice than with a list of tried-and-true recipes. These vape juice mixtures are widely recognized as some of the best DIY recipes available without exotic and difficult-to-find flavorings. Furthermore, they come from seasoned mixers who understand how to get the most out of each concentrate without going overboard.

Six original e-liquid recipes and three clones of famous commercial ejuices – or remixes, as they’re frequently called – make up the list.

Our flavor notes address the fundamentals of each vape flavor concentrate, but most recipes include comments from the makers if you want a more in-depth look at why and how each flavor is employed.

Do you want to be well-prepared before you start mixing? You can jump forward to the last section of the book to uncover the 38 flavorings you’ll need to make all of the dishes on our list!

Original Vape Juice Recipes

ID10-T, the 2nd DIYorDIE World Mixing Championship champion, shares a simple e-liquid formula to get you started in DIY. This one is easy to create and not so easy to leave town after a week of steeping, using only two ingredients for a total of 12 percent flavoring.
Yes, both ingredients may have benefited from some additional support and complexity, but that was not the goal of this dish. Try the formula that helped ID10-T win the World Mixing Championship if you want to up the ante.

Goofy’s Juice

Until recently, the best-rated recipe at ELR was this definition of an all-day vape. Based on TPA’s RY4 Double, Goofy’s Juice is a basic yet delicate sweet tobacco formulation.

Because it benefits much when appropriately steeped, we recommend mixing it and leaving it in your cabinet for at least a month. You should blend this one if you prefer RY4 vapes.

Suicide Bunny Juice

One of the best e-juice recipes is the Suicide Bunny. The flavors in this recipe are like those of authentic fruity e-juice. The ingredients used in this recipe are oil, snake oil, and flavorings made for inhalation. Combining these ingredients will make your vape taste like the real thing. Some extra-special e-juices can cost hundreds of dollars.

One of the best e-juice recipes is the Suicide Bunny recipe, and it tastes just like an authentic fruity e-juice without all the sugar and preservatives. You can choose to use snake oil and other flavors or omit them altogether. But whatever you decide, it’s recommended that you stick to ingredients that have been proven to be safe to ingest. And remember that you should never use synthetic flavors, as these are highly addictive.

Apple Buttah

This is one of the most decorated recipes around, having been named one of Reddit’s Best Recipes of 2016 and the winner of the 2016 DIYORDIE World Mixing Championship. This recipe was lauded for nailing every facet of what a creamy apple sauce should taste like,

as it was a very technical and correct approach to an apple butter profile. Every component of this recipe has been carefully considered, and it is a must-try for apple fans. It’s also available at ELR.

Leche De Coco

Hashslingingslashur’s Leche De Coco, the winner of Reddit’s Best Recipe of 2017, is a creamy coconut milk recipe with only 6% seasoning. Don’t be fooled by the numbers; there’s a lot more here than you might think.

Again, in vape juice DIY, less is more – why go for 20% when you can obtain even more outstanding results at far lower percentages? The recipe can also be found at ATF.

Element Pink Lemonade clone

ELR user Micah contributed the third e-juice clone/remix recipe to this list. Apart from nailing it in the cloning department, this recipe is notable for many helpful comments available on its website.

Furthermore, the designer gives lengthy taste notes and a detailed list of every improvement and substitution he has made. Overall, this is a high-quality recipe and a fascinating read from beginning to end.

Some Factor You Should Consider While You Are Making E Juice

1-While there are many great recipes for e-liquids that you can find online; it is essential to keep in mind that you should be careful when handling nicotine and flavoring. To make your vape juice the best, always use natural flavorings, such as snake oil, and avoid artificial flavors. Using flavorings is an essential step in making e-juices. If you don’t want to use synthetic ingredients, use only natural ones. These are better for your health.

2-The best e-juice recipes are those that don’t use artificial ingredients. When making e-liquids, you can choose a natural flavoring or use artificial flavors, and these can be dangerous if you ingest them. It’s also essential to ensure that you don’t overdo it by adding too much flavoring. For example, if you want to make a strawberry e-liquid, you should add 1.5ml.

3-The best e-juice recipes for DIY-ers involve using flavoring that can be toxic. However, it would help if you were cautious and only added flavorings that have been explicitly made for inhalation. Some flavors can be harmful to your health, and others can make you feel sick. Use the most common e-juice recipes for your vape if you’re a beginner. They may have high levels of nicotine, which are the best ingredients for e-juices.

4-When making your e-juice, you should never forget that you should avoid overdoing it. It’s crucial to follow the proper method for steeping e-liquids. Depending on your preference, you can choose a recipe that contains 10 percent of nicotine and is ideal for vaping. You can also choose a recipe that contains the same ingredients as the Suicide Bunny recipe, but with less or more.

What Kind Of E-Liquid Can You Make?

To manufacture e-liquid, you’ll need five ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), e-juice flavor extract, diluted nicotine, and distilled water or vodka though nicotine and vodka are optional. E-juice can be manufactured with simply a PG/VG base and flavoring as a bare minimum.

You are free to vape whatever you like. Whatever works for you. Olive oil differs from glycerin or glycol in that it has a distinct flavor. It’s fantastic for cooking, but I don’t understand how vaping would be beneficial.

Is Vape Juice Prepared At Home Harmful To Your Health?

e liquid

However, making e-liquids at home can be dangerous if done incorrectly since it can result in unintentional exposure to excessive quantities of liquid nicotine, the use of dangerous oil-based flavors, and product contamination. “It’s insane that people are making their e-cigarette liquid.

As the popularity of teen vaping grows, the pattern has developed. Medical professionals rarely recommend do-it-yourself home treatments. On the other hand, marketing your vaping liquid is something that health experts strongly advise against.


When making an e-juice recipe, you should use a high-quality PG/VG ratios blend. You should aim for a 70/30 VG/PG ratio for the best vaping experience. The best e-liquid recipes often use a high percentage of VG for a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. Using a calculator, this ratio can be changed, which allows you to experiment with different VG/PG/Nic mixes. Keeping notes of the ratios you use will make it easier to repeat the recipes.

There are many types of e-liquids that have been developed over the past few years. The most popular ones include tobacco e juice and e-liquids that contain nicotine. Tobacco e-liquids are often made with a mix of nicotine and water. Some people also use flavors like lemon, raspberry, and blackberry. These flavors are available as clones or ready-to-use liquids. The best e-liquid recipes are easy to find and can be used in electronic cigarettes or single servings.