Which Pressure Cooker Is Best For You?

Pressure cookers have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly since more people live at home and work in the kitchen. The ideal pressure cooker for you is determined by your budget, the size of your kitchen, and whether or not you want a lot of tech features. An excellent pressure cooker is worth investing in if you want to make gourmet meals quickly. Everything from braised roasts to creamy stews may be made with it. They’re also simple to operate, letting you prepare meals with knives. Even a walnut cutting board is included with the top ones.

While several features distinguish the best pressure cookers, they are all excellent for creating your favorite recipes. Cooking functions like simmering, steaming, and searing are included in some of the best-rated cookers. They also allow you to prepare items at a slower rate than traditional ways, which is beneficial if you’re short on time. If you’re not seeking the ultimate pressure cooker, slow-cooking solutions are also available.

What Factors Should You Consider While Purchasing A Pressure Cooker?

Here are some factors you have to keep in mind while you purchase a pressure cooker-

  • A normal pressure cooker of 3-5 liters will suffice for a small family of 3-4 people that eat regularly.
  • A pressure cooker in the range of 5- 9 liters is required for a larger/joint family of 5+ individuals.
  • If you’re making infant food or staying alone, a 1-1.5 liter container might be ideal.

Which Material For A Pressure Cooker Is Best For Your Health?

Stainless Steel vs. Aluminum

There are more advantages and disadvantages to this argument. Stainless steel or aluminum can be used to make stovetop pressure cookers. Stainless steel is becoming increasingly popular since it is more robust and retains its luster for years. It is, however, slightly more expensive than aluminum cookers, because the material does not conduct heat as well.

On the other hand, aluminum is a great heat conductor. It’s also a little lighter and less expensive. However, it is less durable, as the metal can distort and the look fades over time.

A stainless steel cooker with an aluminum-clad base offers the best of both worlds. This enables stainless steel’s toughness to be paired with aluminum’s excellent heat conduction. As a result, these cooktop models are usually the most expensive of the bunch.

Difference Between Electric And Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cookers are slower to reach pressure than stovetop versions, taking nearly three times as long in our tests. They are, however, easier to use, and if you gain a sense of how long your recipes will take, they should require less care than stovetop models. Another benefit? Other cooking options, such as steaming or preparing rice, are available with the electric pressure cookers we evaluated.

Stovetop Pressure Cooker

These are speedier and better at browning than the electric cookers CR tested, although they do require a little more attention. They may also be noisier if they frequently vent steam while cooking—steam is vented through the pressure-regulating valve if the heat is too high.

Best Pressure Cookers

Some best pressure cookers are listed below for you:

  • Prestige Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Handi
  • Luby Electric Pressure Cooker
  • CUCKOO Heating Pressure Rice Cooker
  • Barton 8-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker
  • Ninja OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt. Pressure Cooker

Prestige Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Handi

The First No-Mess Pressure Cooker in India! Bring a Handi home to assist you in keeping the kitchen clean and safe. The Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised Svachh Pressure Handi is built to last and includes a unique cover that captures any spillage that may occur during cooking and stops the messy liquid from trickling down. It is not only gas and induction compatible, but it also has additional safety features, making it one of the most dependable Handis for your kitchen.

Prestige Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised Inner Lid Aluminium Pressure Handi,


Key Features

  • Superior Quality
  • Hard Anodised Aluminium
  • Anti-Bulge Induction
  • Base Sturdy Handles Metallic
  • Safety Plug Unique Deep Lid

Luby Electric Pressure Cooker

Cooking on the stovetop can be tedious and time-consuming. You’ll be able to prepare food 70 percent faster with the Luby electric multi-cooker, which means fewer “is it ready yet?” questions. moments Supporting your hectic lifestyle would be a significant time-saver. The magic begins when you close the lid and press the appropriate one-touch setting. The meal is infused with an extraordinary amount of taste thanks to the high-pressure steam housed inside. Every bite of food is just right in terms of flavor.

Luby Electric Pressure Cooker


Key Features

  • The ideal wedding or new home gift is a beautiful red pressure cooker. Its modern style and color options will go with any kitchen.
  • The following items are included in the kit: an electric cord, a measuring cup, and a rice paddle

CUCKOO Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

The induction heating pressure technology was created by the best specialists and is specifically designed to cook extraordinarily tasty rice with superior consistency and shorter cooking periods. White rice, GABA rice, mixed rice, porridge, and more can all be cooked in this pressure rice cooker.



Key Features

  • unique Korean induction heating pressure rice cooker
  • large 10 cup capacity
  • full stainless-steel inner pot smart-cooking pressure
  • 17 menu options cooker for rice

Barton 8-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooking locks in tastes and nutrients, making lean cuts of beef and pig, as well as any other meat, soft and delectable. The cooker is composed of metal, with a polished surface that is incredibly smooth and attractive. You’ll enjoy it.



Key Features

  • The pressure cooker has an 8-quart capacity and can be used for a variety of cooking tasks. It’s big enough for your entire family to use daily.
  • The machine holds steam inside, which builds pressure to produce greater temperatures, and the unit’s tight seal keeps heat, moisture, and flavor in.

Ninja OL601 Foodi XL 8 Qt. Pressure Cooker

It has an extra-large, family-sized capacity and can pressure cook, air fry, and SteamCrisp all with one SmartLid.Prepare speedier meals with up to 70% faster cooking (compared to slow cooking), 40% faster 1-touch meals (compared to traditional cooking methods), and 25% faster artisan bread and cakes (vs. traditional ovens).



Key Features

  • 6.5 quart Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker with Crisping Lid and Pressure Lid
  • 4.6-quart nonstick cooking pot Nonstick Cook & Crisp Plate, Stainless Steel Nesting Broil Rack
  • Chef-Inspired Cookbook with 45 Recipes


There are several options on the market if you’re looking for an electric pressure cooker. If you’re a first-time user, the Chef iQ Smart Pressure Cooker is a good option. This machine is simple to use, comes with a built-in scale, and includes 600 recipes. A steam rack and a basket for smaller ingredients are also included. It also has an auto-release feature, making it a good option for beginners. Consumer Reports also gives it five stars.

Cooking using pressure cookers is a breeze. They are a fantastic investment for families because of their potential to provide delicious and wholesome meals. With this in mind, the best pressure cookers are simple to operate and offer a wide range of functions. As a result, the decision you make will be based on your family’s needs. In only a few minutes, you can prepare chicken, fish, and veggies. You don’t need to be a professional chef to reap the benefits of using a pressure cooker.