Best YouTube Cooking Channels for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, you may want to look for a cooking channel that will help you learn how to cook the most popular dishes. These channels are often easy to follow and feature hundreds of videos on the topic. You don’t need to be an expert to benefit from these channels, and they can be used for inspiration and help you learn new skills. In addition, they can help you prepare a delicious meal at home. To know best YouTube cooking channels for beginners, read further.

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While you might think of Pro Home Cooks as the best YouTube cooking channel for beginners, there are other options to check out as well. From the best place to cook steaks and other dishes, you can watch tutorials and discover how to make them yourself. If you’re a beginner, you can try the videos on this website to get the basic concepts down. However, if you want to find the best recipes for beginners, you should look for a YouTube channel devoted to cooking.

7 YouTube Cooking Channels for Beginners

Pro Home Cooks

Mike G. hosts the Pro Home Cooks channel, which features easy-to-follow demonstrations on sourdough bread baking to pasta making.

Many of the starting tutorials focus on frequent blunders inexperienced cooks make when making regular dishes—mistakes you’ll almost certainly make as you grow acclimated to cooking while isolated.

Binging With Babyish

On the viral YouTube video Binging With Babyish, filmmaker Andrew Rea, often known as Oliver Babyish, prepares film and television-inspired food. However, there are lots of digestible (ha!) tips for less-experienced chefs here as well.

From French onion soup to chili and mac & cheese, the “Basics With Babyish” series has essential dishes you can cook with materials you already have in your pantry.


This famous channel has nearly 18 million members and includes many instructional films to help rookie chefs enjoy cooking and baking.

Many of the most popular videos on the Tasty channel feature kid-friendly and entertaining snacks, such as simple cupcakes, no-bake peanut butter delights, and late-night nibbles. And the best part is that most of the dishes on this channel don’t require much prior culinary knowledge.

The Stay at Home Chef

The Stay At Home Chef’s movies are only a few minutes long, yet they’re packed with information. This is the channel to watch if you’ve ever wanted to make restaurant-quality carrot cake or artichoke dip at home.

Many low-maintenance recipes here for everything from Indian butter chicken to Mongolian beef and Italian garden pasta. If you’re running out of ideas for fast, classic family dinners, you can make them in 30 minutes or less.

Even if you’re a total noob, this channel can teach you how to prepare staples like hummus, morning muffins, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls from scratch at home.

Joy of Baking

It’s just as crucial to baking some sweet treats to prepare nourishing meals behind closed doors in coronavirus isolation. The joy of Baking is the most accessible baking channel to follow.

Basics like peanut butter cookies, pound cake, pancakes, vanilla cake are demonstrated, and more ambitious sweets like stained glass cookies and Irish soda scones.

Simple Cooking Channel

This channel promises simplicity and delivers with a dash of inventiveness thrown in for good measure.

The recipes on this channel are unique and diversified, but they are all relatively easy to make. Make strawberry cheesecake smoothies, homemade chocolate microwave cake, or African peanut soup without the fuss of a more experienced cook.

Frugal Fit Mom

If you’re cooking for a large group at home during the coronavirus outbreak, Frugal Fit Mom is a must-read—especially if you’re on a budget. This channel, aimed at large families and bulk cooking, can assist you with anything from grocery shopping to meal preparation and price comparisons.

Who was the First Person to Host a Food Show?

On Wednesday, June 12, 1946, at 8:55 p.m., the BBC broadcasted the world’s first televised culinary program. The program, titled “Cookery,” lasted 10 minutes and starred Philip Harken, and he demonstrated how to prepare lobster vole-au-vents in the first episode.

Unsourced material may be questioned and removed. I Love to Eat was a live television culinary show hosted by chef and cookbook author James Beard that aired on NBC from August 30, 1946, until May 18, 1947. The show is remarkable for being the first cookery show to air on a network television network.

Is YouTube an Excellent Place to Learn English?

One of the best reasons to study English on YouTube is that most sessions are brief but packed with helpful information. There’s no way you’ll lose your concentration. On Fluent, you may also find tens of thousands of YouTube videos with additional English learning tools.

You can learn almost any language you can think of using YouTube. There are various ways to learn Spanish, and you can learn German, brush up on your French, or try your hand at Italian. To avoid becoming monotonous, suffice to remark that you can learn several different languages.


If you’re just getting started with cooking, YouTube is an excellent way to learn more. The best cooking channels will teach you how to prepare a meal using essential ingredients, and some of the best recipes can be learned through trial and error. But if you’re a complete novice, don’t worry – YouTube is the place for you. There are hundreds of tutorials on cooking on the site, and you can learn more about cooking and the basics.

If you’re looking for cooking videos on YouTube, Pro Home Cooks is a great option. This channel focuses on cooking a steak and cooking in the winter. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to follow these cooking videos to learn the basics of preparing a steak. You can learn a lot of new skills from these channels.