Callebaut 811 Nutrition Facts

Callebaut 811 is one of the best-known brands of chocolate. It contains 54.5% cocoa by weight and has a smooth cocoa body and pleasant intensity. This is a popular choice for bakers and chefs worldwide, and it is also great for confectionery, ganaches, and sauces. Here, we provide you with some Callebaut 811 nutrition facts to help you make the right choice for your next dessert.

Callebaut 811 Nutrition Facts

nutrition facts of callebaut

What Is Callebaut 811?

Octaaf Callebaut produced Callebaut’s Recipe No. 811, which has since become one of the company’s most recognizable recipes. The characteristic “Wieze cocoa blend” is used to create this blend; roasting whole beans ensures a robust flavor with a solid cocoa body and exquisite top-notes. It has a rich, well-balanced chocolate flavor with smooth cocoa and a pleasing strength. 811 is Callebaut’s all-round chocolate for confectionery, ganaches, mousses, biscuits, sauces, drinks, and so much more!
Callebaut 811 is great chocolate for those who love dark chocolate but are unsure how much is right for them. This semi-sweet version contains 54% cocoa solids, making it versatile, all-purpose chocolate. Its ‘called’ shape makes it easier to pour and melt, essential for chocolatiers. The brand also donates a portion of its proceeds to help fund sustainable cocoa farming.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is high in nutrients that are beneficial to your health. It’s made from the cacao tree’s seed and is one of the best sources of antioxidants available. Dark chocolate has been shown in studies to promote health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Here are seven scientifically proven health benefits of dark chocolate or cocoa.

  • Fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and other minerals are abundant in high-quality dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains stimulants like caffeine and theobromine. Still, the amount of caffeine in dark chocolate is relatively modest compared to coffee, so it’s unlikely to keep you up at night.
  • A wide range of solid antioxidants can be found in cocoa and dark chocolate, and they contain far more than the majority of other foods. According to one study, cocoa and dark chocolate had higher antioxidant activity, polyphenols, and flavanols than any other fruits studied, including blueberries and acai berries.
  • Cocoa’s bioactive components may increase artery blood flow and lower blood pressure by a tiny but statistically significant amount. Take this with a grain of salt, as one study found no effect in people with high blood pressure. Given the wide range of findings among studies on this topic, it’s evident that further study is required.
  • Several key disease risk factors are improved by dark chocolate, and it reduces LDL’s oxidative damage susceptibility while raising HDL and enhancing insulin sensitivity. However, dark chocolate also contains sugar, which can have the opposite effect.
  • Observational studies reveal that those who eat the most chocolate had a lower risk of heart disease. However, because the biological process (lower blood pressure and oxidized LDL) is well understood, it’s possible that eating dark chocolate regularly can minimize the risk of heart disease.
  • Studies have shown that Cocoa flavanols enhance blood flow to the skin and protect it from sun damage. If you’re planning a beach vacation, indulge in some extra dark chocolate in the weeks and months leading up to your trip. However, consult your doctor or dermatologist before abandoning your regular skincare routine in favor of more dark chocolate.
  • By increasing blood flow, cocoa or dark chocolate may help to improve brain function. Caffeine and theobromine are among the stimulants found in them. Furthermore, cocoa includes stimulant compounds such as caffeine and theobromine, which may be one of the reasons why it can increase brain function in the short term.

Callebaut is dedicated to aiding local cocoa growers in West Africa and its nutritional benefits. They can invest in sustainable cocoa growth thanks to their cooperation with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation. For bakers and chocolatiers, this chocolate is ideal. This product comes in various flavors and has been around for 150 years. It is the world’s largest chocolate factory and is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Is Callebaut 811 Semi-Sweet?

Callebaut 811 is dark chocolate that is perfect for baking. Semi-sweet chocolate is a delicious choice for various applications and is made from cocoa beans sourced from cocoa farms in West Africa. Its 54.5% cocoa content makes it the perfect choice for various baking applications. It is also a good choice for those looking for a chocolate treat that contains less sugar and fat than other types.

This semi-sweet dark chocolate has a smooth, creamy cocoa body and a gentle vanilla scent. It is also an excellent choice for chocolate lovers.  Additionally, its commitment to sustainable cocoa farming makes it a valuable and sustainable product. They invest in the communities in which cocoa is grown, and they also give back to their community by investing in the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Callebaut No 811 Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Callets



  • Whole bean roasting guarantees its full taste with a solid cocoa body and fine top notes.
  • Loved by chefs worldwide, the 811 54.5 is Callebaut’s all-round chocolate for confectionery, ganaches, mousses, biscuits, sauces, drinks, and many other applications. It is made to help you achieve perfect results every time.
  • Smooth flavor with subtle vanilla note
  • Crafted in Belgium from whole roasted beans


One of the most popular semi-sweet chocolates, Callebaut 811 is an excellent choice for bakers and chocolatiers alike. Its smooth, creamy texture is perfect for all confectionery applications. The nutritional information on this chocolate is available on the company’s website, and its nutrition facts can be found here. You can also find out how much chocolate your favorite brand has in its ingredients. There are more than a hundred reasons to love Callebaut, and this delicious product is one of them.