Dinosaur & Sharks Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts

The nutritional information label on dinosaur and sharks fruit snacks is a great way to learn more about these colorful fruits. While they are filled with delicious flavor, these snack bars contain added sugar and fat. ShopWell offers this snack information to help consumers choose healthier options.

Dinosaur and Sharks Fruit Snacks

Listed below are the food facts for each dinosaur and sharks brand. The daily value is based on a 2000-calorie diet and a 155-pound bodyweight unless stated otherwise. Please remember that your daily requirements may vary depending on your age, gender, level of physical activity, and medical history.

Dinosaur And Shark Fruit Snack Nutrition Facts


Do They Still Make Shark Bites Fruit Snacks?

Shark Bites fruit treats are still available, but with a catch. Colors, texture, and flavors have all been altered significantly. You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting old-school Shark Bites. Shark Bites are hard to come by these days in some locations, but Betty Crocker has confirmed that they are still manufactured.

6 Fun Facts About Shark Bites Fruit Snacks

  • Shark Bites debuted
  • The unique Great White pieces weren’t always there
  • For a brief time, there were unique pieces shaped like sharks’ teeth
  • The Tiger Shark was the KING of the unique pieces
  • Berry Bears was a “sister brand” to Shark Bites
  • Shark Bites still exist sort of

1. Shark Bites Debuted

Shark Bites was first released under the Fruit Corners label, owned by Betty Crocker/General Mills. If you’re wondering why Shark Bites were so tasty, it’s because they were inspired by Fruit Corners’ Fruit Wrinkles, aka the world’s most delectable fruit snack.

Shark Bites’ wine-like tastes and overall greasiness were trademarks of Fruit Wrinkles. Outside of the United States, Shark Bites were sold as direct spin-offs of Fruit Wrinkles. They were shark-shaped Fruit Wrinkles at the beginning.

2. The Special Great White Pieces Weren’t Always There

While Shark Bites has always included pieces shaped like great white sharks, they weren’t always chalky white or branded as “special” from the start.

At first, they were mere “sharks in the mix,” indistinguishable unless you looked closely at their shapes. The great whites were occasionally converted back to their original hues to make way for other “special edition” pieces, even after they evolved into their famed albino versions.

Betty Crocker’s commitment to avoid using artificial colors eliminated the tremendous chalky whites.

3. For A Brief Time, There Were Unique Pieces Shaped Like Sharks’ Teeth

You could argue that the great whites weren’t even the greatest of the unique edition Shark Bites, as wonderful as they were.

On another occasion, Fruit Corners stuffed the pouches with shark-tooth-shaped chunks. These cream-colored sweets might be clumsily inserted almost instantly over the children’s teeth. (It didn’t make us seem like sharks, but it did make us appear like ineffective vampires.

4. The Tiger Shark Was The KING Of The Unique Pieces

The “ferocious” tiger shark was undoubtedly the best particular edition piece. Tiger sharks had always been a part of Shark Bites, but now they’d been given a whole makeover, resulting in tiger-striped souvenirs.

It was almost impossible to eat them because they were so gorgeous. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who tried to make pendants out of them.

5. Berry Bears Was A “Sister Brand” to Shark Bites

Berry Bears came out simultaneously as Shark Bites, in cartons that looked similar. Given the atmosphere around kid-targeted products in the late 1980s, it’s reasonable to assume that Shark Bites fruit snacks were intended for boys, and Berry Bears were intended for girls. In actuality, everyone enjoyed both of them.

Berry Bears had its line of “limited edition” items, including everything from golden star-shaped treats to a wicked amazing pegasus.

6. Shark Bites Still Exist Sort Of

Shark Bites fruit treats are still available, but with a catch. Colors, texture, and flavors have all been altered significantly. You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting old-school Shark Bites.

Shark Bites are hard to come by these days in some locations, but Betty Crocker has confirmed that they are still manufactured. If you can’t find them in stores, place an online order. The genealogy is there, even if they don’t look, smell, or taste exactly like the Shark Bites that used to lurk inside your lunchbox.

What Is Shark Bites, Candy?

The White Fruit Snack Sharks In Shark Bites

Shark Bites were one of the most popular fruit snacks of the 1990s, and they included one of the best candy varieties of the time: a handful of opaque white gummy forms that appeared in every box. Regrettably, this one has gone entirely out of style, and current kids will never know the thrill of discovering the unique piece among a sea of ordinary fruit treats.

Fruit Corners was responsible for two more popular fruit snacks: Fruit Wrinkles and Fruit Roll-Ups. These shark-shaped, fruit punch-flavored fruit gummy candies were developed as part of the Fruit Corners brand. Shark Bites debuted in 1988 as a sister product to the famous Fruit Wrinkles in markets outside the United States.

Soda-Licious Fruit Snacks

In 1991, Betty Crocker introduced its soda-inspired Soda-Licious fruit treats, which became instant popularity with children across the country. However, the first three ingredients listed on the packaging were grapes from concentrate, sugar, and corn syrup.

The fruit snack moniker certainly helped some devious kids persuade their parents to bring these in their lunch boxes. The fruit treats earned a cult following not just for their oddly bubbly sensation but also for flavors like root beer and cola that were distinctly unfruity.

Hi-C Gummy Fruit Snacks

Brach’s is most known for its generic jelly beans, gummy bears, and Halloween candy blends aimed at younger children who prefer chewy and fruity candies like Smarties and Trolli sour sharks over more sophisticated nutty and chocolatey types.

Brach’s parent firm also collaborated on a fruit snack with Hi-C, the Coca-Cola Company’s juice box division. You used to be able to get a double dosage of Hi-C in your lunch box if you were lucky enough to obtain both juice and a juice-inspired pack of Hi-C Fruit Gummies. Each gummy was designed to resemble the fruit taste is represented, making these a fairly accurate representation of natural fruit.

Fruit Wrinkles Fruit Snacks

Fruit Wrinkles were introduced in 1986 as part of Betty Crocker/General Mills’ Fruit Corners sub-brand, and these unassuming small fruit treats have a passionate cult following. Case-in-point: “I would give my husband away for a box of Fruit Winkles,” says Inthe80s.com reader Cindy and blogger Dinosaur Dracula claims they were “the most excellent delectable fruit snacks.

Darkwing Duck Fruit Snacks

Continuing the tradition of spin-off fruit snacks from the ’90s, Darkwing Duck was one of the many successful Disney cartoons that spawned some form of edible product. Darkwing Duck was a three-season animated television series from 1991 to 1992. Jim Cummings, who also portrayed other classic cartoon characters like the Tasmanian Devil, Tigger, and a brief spell as Winnie the Pooh, won an Annie award for his voice performance in the eponymous role. The show was a spin-off of the more successful and longer-running DuckTales franchise, and it began as a James Bond spoof before morphing into a broad-brush take on pulp comics.


They’ve got to be the most well-known fruit snacks ever; proper Hearing “Shark Bites” brings all kinds of warm fuzzies to those of a particular age group. Good days became even better because terrible days were spared from becoming the worst to Shark Bites. If you want a taste of your childhood, the current version is unlikely to satisfy your yearning. The pineapple-flavored white sharks, undoubtedly the greatest in any pack, are no longer available in the present version. The new Shark Bites are more translucent than their predecessors, which were completely opaque, with our favorite pieces being a solid color.