Earth Balance Vegan Butter Nutrition Facts

If you’re concerned about your health, you might want to check out the Earth Balance Vegan Butter nutrition facts. This nut butter is 78% vegetable oil and is not high in saturated fat. The product also contains no added sugar, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. The Earth Balance vegan butter nutritional facts are easy to understand. Each stick contains 100 calories and 0 grams of fiber. Additionally, the buttery stick is free of trans fat and cholesterol, making it a healthy choice for many people.

The Earth Balance vegan butter nutrition facts are available online. It is a convenient substitute for regular butter. Nevertheless, you should be aware that some plant-based butter has a higher saturated fat content than their traditional counterparts. If you’re not concerned about saturated fat, try Earth Balance. But make sure to read the ingredients and the nutrition label. You’ll never be sorry you switched to this healthier butter, and they’re worth trying.

Earth Balance Vegan Butter Nutrition Facts

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Some Factors That Describes The Nutrition Fact Of Earth Balance Vegan Butter

1-Plant-based butter in terms of its nutritional content. Although plant-based butter tends to have lower levels of saturated fat and higher amounts of unsaturated fat, they are still high-calorie. While they are low-calorie, they are still high-calorie so overeating could lead to weight gain. Some plant-based butter contains a higher level of sodium than other plant-based spreads.

2-However, there are some things to keep in mind before switching to plant-based butter. First of all, plant-based butter generally contains more omega-6 fatty acids, which are bad for your health. Secondly, you should consider the brand you’re buying, and some of them are harder to find than others. Third, you’ll need to find one that contains a high amount of omega-6 fatty acids. Luckily, there’s an earth-balanced vegan alternative for just about any type of baking need.

3-While plant-based butter is low in saturated fat and high in healthy fats, they are still high in calories. Like regular butter, too much of these substitutes can cause excess calories, leading to weight gain. If you’re concerned about your health, you should look for other options that are not as high-calorie as Earth Balance vegan butter. The best way to determine if this butter is a good choice for you is to compare it with other brands.

4-When it comes to plant-based butter nutrition, be aware that it can vary greatly. In general, it’s similar to regular butter, but there are some critical differences. Compared to regular butter, it has less saturated fat and more omega-6. Unlike regular butter, plant-based alternatives are easier to find and cheaper, but you should still read the label. When choosing a vegan butter substitute, make sure you research which brand is the best.

5-There is some plant-based butter that is more expensive than regular butter, but they’re still similar in calories. You may want to check the plant-based butter nutrition facts and look for the one that’s easiest to find in your local store. But be careful! Not all vegan butter is the same. For example, Miyoko’s Kitchen Cultured Vegan Butter contains cashews. If you’re interested in plant-based butter, you can compare its nutrition to its regular-sized counterpart.

Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks

When you use Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks, vegan diets won’t stop you from enjoying a batch of home-baked delights. This delicious vegan butter substitute is non-GMO, non-dairy, and non-hydrogenated, making it excellent for baking and cooking.

From spreads to snacks, plant-based products are made with integrity, awareness, and the objective of making a positive effect. Spread some Earth Balance around… it’s made for everyone.

Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks


Vegan Buttery Sticks come in a 4-count, 16-ounce box.

These vegan sticks have a lovely buttery flavor.

Vegan baking sticks that are plant-based, non-GMO, non-dairy, and non-hydrogenated are for everyone.

Use this delicious vegan butter substitute in your favorite recipes and baked goods.

Now is the time to stock up on these vegan buttery sticks.

Butter vs. Earth Balance?

If you’re a vegan or trying to avoid saturated fats, you’ve probably looked for butter substitutes. Earth Balance, for example, is a “natural” spread of expeller-pressed oils that have been “proven to raise good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol.”

This so-called food can be used for any diet and any customer. Take a look at the latest advertisement for Country Crock, a butter alternative that “has 70% less saturated fat than butter.” According to the commercial, it will make the perfect breakfast for your kids when served with a slice of whole-grain toast, a banana, and low-fat milk.

Is Earth Balance Or Real Butter Better For You?

Vegans and proponents of a “plant-based diet” will exclaim, “Of course, Earth Balance!” It contains far less saturated fat than butter, which can clog arteries. “Butter, because my family has been eating it for generations!” would undoubtedly say omnivores, meat-eaters, and traditional cooks.

From a historical standpoint, it makes logical to consider both. According to The Nibble, butter has been present in human diets for about 4000 years, especially in cooler northern latitudes where it degrades less quickly.

It has long been a mainstay of many civilizations, and it can even be used as a source of energy. For 3000 years, ghee, or clarified butter (butter reduced entirely to its butterfat), has been revered in India as a symbol of purity.


While most plant-based butter is high in total fat, their nutritional information may vary. It’s important to note that they are also high in omega-6 fatty acids. As a result, these butter are similar to regular butter in calories and fat. For those who have allergies to nuts, cashews should be avoided, and they may also contain other ingredients that are not suitable for vegan butter. But, be aware that the nutrition of plant-based products can vary widely.

If you’re concerned about the calories and saturated fat in plant-based butter, you should check the ingredient list. There are many options, and you should look for a brand that contains the least amount of added sugar. Regardless of the brand, be sure to read the product’s ingredients before using it. The earth balance vegan butter is a good choice for those who want to stay away from animal-based products.