How to BBQ a Tomahawk Steak?

A tomahawk steak is simply a rib eye with a ribbon attached; you can easily grill one at home. Adding rib bone gives it a more attractive appearance and enhances the flavor.

Tomahawk steaks are becoming more popular despite not often being thought of as the most appealing cuts. They will make an amazing spectacle and a great main course. Here are some suggestions for cooking this steak: Make careful you reverse sear it first. The ideal internal temperature is maintained by cooking the steak at a lower temperature than usual during the searing reverse process. Additionally, it produces an outside crust that sizzles. The interior of a perfectly cooked steak will be a deep red, while the exterior will be light pink.

How to BBQ a Tomahawk Steak

What is Tomahawk Steak?

A bone-in ribeye steak is essentially what the tomahawk steak is. The large rib bone is still attached because it is taken from the rib area. It has an appearance similar to a tomahawk ax. A bone-in ribeye keeps the meat warm during cooking, resulting in more tenderness and moisture. Tomahawk steaks are available in many butcher shops and are getting more popular in upscale supermarkets. Make sure to inquire if you can special order one at the meat counter. Additionally, you can buy them online.

How to BBQ a Tomahawk Steak?

Tomahawk steaks are a fantastic option for outdoor cooking. When cooked, their meat’s marbled texture adds a tonne of flavor. Remember to cook a tomahawk steak to medium rare if you want it to be juicy and tender when you grill it. You can cook the steak with a red wine reduction or marinate it in red wine for more flavor.


  • One pure tomahawk steak,
  • 75 g of butter,
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Three cloves garlic sliced in half
  • Six sprigs Superb Herb Thyme
  • 1 tbsp steak seasoning mix


  • Allow 15 to 30 minutes for the steak to sit outside the refrigerator.
  • With paper towels, pat the steak to dry. Rub the meat with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Allow cooling to room temperature for 30 minutes.
  • Set a barbecue to 315 °C. Make sure it has a grill plate, and only heat only one side of the object. Spray cooking spray on the grill.
  • Rub some spice mixture on the steak.
  • Place the steak on the BBQ’s grill/heated side, carefully pressing it down with the back of a spatula. Repeat on the opposite side. Cook for 2.5 minutes over high heat with the BBQ cover closed.
  • Place the steak on a high rack over an area with indirect heat.
  • Place the butter, garlic, and thyme on a tray beneath the rack. After the butter has melted, baste the steak and allow the juices to run back into the serving tray.
  • Cook for 8 minutes with the BBQ lid closed.
  • Remove the steak from the grill once the internal temperature reaches 55 °C. Rebate the steak. After that, turn the steak over and baste the other side. Retighten the BBQ lid. Every 5 to 10 minutes, repeat the process. Allow 10 minutes for resting.
  • Serve alongside your preferred sides.

What to Eat with your Tomahawk Steak?

You’ll also need some delectable sides with your grilled tomahawk steak. We would suggest serving the following tried-and-true complimentary dishes with it:


  • Salsa verde is the perfect condiment with tomahawk steak if you want something tangy. For more flavor, include fresh parsley.
  • Melted butter, lemon juice, and your flavor selections—such as cognac and parsley or garlic and herb—can all be enhanced with flavor to increase the level of luxury.
  • Sriracha’s heat can enhance any dish, and grilled steak is no exception.


  • BBQ beans – Continue to cook some BBQ beans on the grill to pair with your tomahawk steak, using a method similar to our jacket potato with smoked BBQ beans (minus the sausages).
  • Goat’s cheese is a delicious addition to any steak, as shown in our recipe for grilled steak. It has a basic but exquisite flavor.
  • Roast potatoes: If you choose to roast your tomahawk steak, you can add these crowd-pleasing roast potatoes, which are a great compliment.
  • Toasted couscous: Add some herby toasted couscous to taste the Middle East. This complements the meat’s richness and may be made with a dash of lemon juice and your preferred herbs.


  • Red wine—you can have a glass with supper. Use a full-bodied wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, or Malbec to go with this thickly marbled steak.
  • Cranberry juice is a non-alcoholic option that, with its tartness, helps rehydrate and cleanse the palate while also cutting through the flavor of your tomahawk steak.

Is Tomahawk Good for BBQ?

A BBQ is, without a doubt, the most effective method for cooking a tomahawk steak. It should reach an internal temperature of 58 degrees Celsius while being cooked on the grill. To balance the sweetness of the steak’s fat with the smokiness and acidity of the reduction, give a red wine reduction a try.

When it comes to smoking, chunks of hickory wood are a fantastic choice since they offer a rich and aromatic flavor.

How Long does a Tomahawk Steak Take to Cook?

As always, we advise paying more attention to temperature than the time it takes to finish cooking your meat. Depending on the thickness and desired degree of doneness, a tomahawk steak might take anywhere from 6 to 90 minutes from indirect cooking to the reverse sear.

That’s it, then. You only need to know this information to grill a superb tomahawk steak.

What Makes a Tomahawk Ribeye So Expensive?

The quality, preparation time, and size of the steak are the primary factors in the price of a Tomahawk Steak. To correctly butcher a Ribeye into a Tomahawk, they are a very large, prime piece of beef that takes a lot of work.

How Tough is a Tomahawk Steak?

The Tomahawk steak has lovely marbling and is incredibly delicate and buttery. It’s also not too difficult to create! This steak needs a different cooking process than a regular-sized steak, which typically receives a brief sear on the grill because of its size and two ′′ thickness.

Why is it Becoming More Popular?

Tomahawk steaks are gaining popularity as premium meat because they can be difficult to find, and not all supermarkets and butchers carry them.

Some may consider Tomahawk steaks ” bandwagon meat, ” but the truth is that they offer incredible flavor and are well worth the price, even if going to a steakhouse is required. Due to its size, which a barbecue can handle, it’s also fantastic for roasting and BBQing.

Due to its long bone and a substantial amount of fat, a tomahawk steak has a lot of flavors when cooked, which is one of its main characteristics.

What does a Tomahawk Steak Taste Like?

The tomahawk steak has a flavor that is both buttery and rich and is known for its incredible tenderness. This part of the animal has a natural tendency to gather more intramuscular fat, which results in the formation of the stunning white lines of fat that are characteristic of the spectacular marbling found only in the rib pri


On the grill, people prefer to stick with their go-to foods. However, you can broaden your menu options and your guests’ palates by using a different cut of meat.

The versatility of tomahawk steak allows for various cooking techniques, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to try something new on their barbecue. You may serve it with several sides and sauces as well.

For the typical griller, a tomahawk steak can be scary. However, you can perfectly cook the steak once you have the right method down. The most tender and juicy outcomes can also be obtained using indirect grilling. As with beef ribeye steak, indirect heat is ideal for tomahawk steak cooking.