How To Smoke Chicken Breast?

The first step in smoking chicken breast is to prepare the meat. It should be cold. Then, you should add spices and cover the meat tightly with foil. The breast should be smoked for 4 to 12 hours. Then, it would be best if you brushed it with the dry brine. Place the chicken in the smoker and adjust the temperature to 275 degF. After that, you can add the glaze and continue cooking the chicken. Once the breast reaches 165 degrees F, you can serve it immediately.

If you are using a grill, use the lowest setting and apply a thin layer of butter to the breasts. Rub with the BBQ sauce to make them tastier. It would help if you also brushed on some BBQ sauce before smoking. After the chicken reaches the desired internal temperature, you should remove it from the smoker. Then, let the meat rest for 5 minutes before slicing it. Finally, serve the smoked chicken with your favorite side dish.

After the meat is smoked, it is essential to rest for at least five to seven minutes before cutting it. This will help keep the flavorful juices inside the meat. The meat should be at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit when it is cooked. If you don’t have time to smoke the whole chicken, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. You can then reheat it in the smoker or oven.

Smoking your chicken breast is an easy process. Before you begin cooking, you need to prepare the marinade. This will add flavor to the meat and prevent it from becoming rubbery. Then, place the chicken breast on the smoker and wait for about five to seven minutes. It will become tender and juicy. This is the perfect way to smoke chicken. You will love the delicious flavor and the taste of this meat. It will make the perfect dinner.

Getting The Chicken Ready To Smoke

Cooking smoked chicken breast is simple, but getting the chicken ready for smoking requires a little preparation. Brining the chicken is one of the most critical processes and one that you don’t want to omit when smoking. When it comes to smoked chicken breasts, brine makes the meat lovely and tender when cooked and adds taste. Brine is also the key to luscious flesh when making smoked chicken breasts. The brine breaks down the meat’s protein, allowing taste and moisture to permeate the entire chicken breast.

Bringing The Breast Of Chicken

Brining smoked chicken breasts can be wet or dry, and the result is often referred to as a smoked chicken breast rub. Although a wet brine can dilute and water down the flavor of the chicken, it is usually more moister than a dry brine. On the other hand, dry brine gives additional flavor because the spices and herbs are massaged directly into the meat.

1. Brine In Water

Wet brining chicken breasts involves soaking the meat in a solution of salt, sugar, and water and refrigerating it for a few hours. Spices and herbs can be added for extra flavor. A wet brine will provide more moisture to the chicken than a dry brine, resulting in plump and juicy chicken breasts. Set aside some brine to use as a marinade for smoked chicken breasts when you’re ready to cook the meat, and this will give the breasts even more taste and wetness.

2. Rub For Smoked Chicken Breasts

A dry brine does the same thing for chicken as a wet brine in retaining moisture and taste during the smoking process. Sprinkle the chicken breast with salt and chill for a few hours using a dry brine. If feasible, use kosher salt, which is more prominent than conventional table salt and takes longer to dissolve. Make a dry brine with spices and herbs to give the chicken breasts more flavor. Add alternative spices to the dry brine for a different smoked chicken breast recipe, such as crushed espresso beans, ground cumin, unsweetened cocoa powder, and crushed chile peppers for a Mexican flavor.

How To Smoke Chicken Breasts In The Smoker?

Once the chicken breasts have been brined, prepare the smoker for cooking the chicken. You’ll need to know how to use your smoker before learning to smoke breast. Depending on the type of smoker you’re using, you’ll need to prepare it differently.

It’s worth noting that any smoker can produce a delectable smoked chicken breast. Whether you use charcoal, gas, pellet, or electric smoker, each process of heating and smoking the chicken is the same.

Here’s how to use the four most common smokers to smoke the breast.

1. Smoker With Charcoal

Many cooks prefer charcoal to other smokers because it gives the chicken breasts a good flavor and creates a nice crust outside the meat.

A charcoal smoker requires a little more attention than the other types of smokers; you’ll have to keep an eye on it while the chicken breasts are cooking. By keeping enough charcoal burnt and managing the oxygen throughout the smoker, you’ll be able to control the chicken temperature. The idea is to keep the smoker’s temperature low and consistent, so the chicken breasts don’t overcook.

Place the charcoal in the base pan of a charcoal grill smoker and light it, leaving the smoker open and uncovered. Wait until the smoker grill reaches 225°F, the perfect temperature for smoking chicken breasts.

2. Smoker With Propane

For smoking chicken breasts, a propane smoker is quick and straightforward to use, and it’s perfect for any smoked chicken breast recipe and is much easier to use than a charcoal smoker. A gas smoker’s temperature is easier to control because most models feature controls to raise and lower the temperature, ensuring that the chicken temperature is just right for smoking.

You’ll need to prepare the wood before you start heating the smoker. Soak the wood for 30 to 45 minutes in water.

Line the pan with foil and fill with water to prepare the propane smoker – or try a new flavor by using beer or cider. Start the propane and adjust the smoker’s temperature from 225°F to 250°F for chicken breasts. Allow 10 minutes for the smoker to heat up, adjusting the vents as needed to maintain a uniform temperature.

Now it’s time to put the soaked wood in the pan that sits over the burner. Continue to heat the smoker until it begins to emit smoke. The chicken breasts are now ready to go into the smoker, where they will be placed on the shelves or racks. Keep an eye on the smoke and temperature to ensure it stays consistent – you may need to add additional water or wood to adjust the temperature.

3. Smoker For Pellets

A pellet smoker uses wood pellets to heat the smoker instead of charcoal or gas. The pellets are created from compressed sawdust and do not include any additives. Pellets burn for longer than firewood, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the smoker. To give the chicken breasts a different flavor, you can use pellets made from a range of woods, such as mesquite, hickory, maple, cherry, and oak wood.

The pellet smoker is simple to set up; it works by heating drill-fed wood pellets to smoke the meat. Set the temperature to 225°F to 250°F for smoking and wait until it begins to smoke before inserting the breasts. Smoked chicken breast duration and temperature don’t need to be regulated as closely with a pellet smoker as they do with other types of cookers since the long-burning pellets keep the chicken temperature consistent for smoking.

4. Smoker That Runs On Electricity

Electric smoker models can offer near-perfect results for a moist and delicious smoked chicken breast, and they’re also the most user-friendly smokers. You only need to brine the chicken breast, set the time and temperature, and the electric smoker will take care of the rest.

When using an electric smoker with a smoked chicken breast marinade, you won’t have to check on it again until it’s close to the end of the cooking time, when you may check with a digital meat thermometer to be sure the chicken temperature indicates the breasts are done.

The temperature of the electric smoker can be set once and then left when it’s time to cook smoked chicken breast. Turn on the smoker, fill the bottom pan with water, and fill the tray with wood chips; depending on the brand of electric smoker, you may need to replenish the wood chips after around 2 hours of smoking. Hardwood chips, such as apple, pecan, and mesquite, should be used. Softwoods like pine and fir burn too quickly.

When you’re ready to cook smoked chicken breasts, set the temperature on the electric smoker once and leave it. Turn on the smoker, fill the bottom pan with water, and fill the tray with wood chips – depending on the brand of electric smoker, you may need to replenish the wood chips after around 2 hours of smoking. Use apple, pecan, or mesquite hardwood chips. Pine and fir are softwoods that burn very quickly.

What Is Kind Of Wood Best For Smoked Chicken Breasts?

When smoking chicken breasts, you can use a range of various types of wood, as previously discussed. Each wood emits a distinct smoke, imparting a distinct flavor to the chicken breasts. When it comes to wood, you want to strike a balance between the chicken breasts, the brine and seasonings, and the wood’s smoke. The wrong kind of wood can interfere with the flavor of the chicken and seasonings.

1. Maple Wood

The chicken will have a sweet smokiness from the maple syrup, and it goes great with chicken breasts rubbed with brown sugar and paprika on the outside.

2. Applewood

Applewood is a slow-cooking wood that pairs nicely with chicken breasts, imparting a mellow, sweet flavor.

3. Cherry Wood

Cherry wood has a delicious flavor that gives chicken breasts a slight sweetness. To produce a delicious, oaky flavor, combine cherry wood with hickory or alder.

4. Mesquite

Mesquite is a harsh word that has a strong flavor. The wood’s assertiveness produces a robust smoke that complements chicken breasts that have only been brined or dry-rubbed in salt.

What Temperature Should Smoked Chicken Breast Be Cooked At?

  • Time and temperature are crucial when cooking smoked chicken breasts.
  • You can’t just throw the chicken in the smoker and assume it’ll be done when the timer goes off.
  • It’s critical to use a digital meat thermometer while testing.
  • The internal temperature of smoked chicken breasts should be 165°F, and the thermometer should be inserted into the thickest chicken breast section.
  • It’s okay to eat when the temperature reaches at least 165°F.

What To Do With Smoked Chicken Breast Leftovers?

After one smoked chicken breast meal, you’ll want to cook more so you can have leftovers. One of the reasons many cooks and chefs own a smoker is the convenience of smoking chicken breast and having some on hand for the remainder of the week. And leftover chicken tastes just as good as it does when it’s fresh from the smoker. Next time you have a few extra pieces of smoked chicken breast, try one of these beautiful leftover alternatives.


Once the chicken breasts are ready to be smoked, you should let them sit in the brine overnight before slicing them. This step will ensure that the chicken will soak up all of the flavors from the brine. After a few hours, it should be 155 degF. Then, you can remove the foil pan and place the chicken on a wire rack. You should now add the glaze. The next step in smoking chicken breast is to marinate the meat first. This will ensure moist and juicy meat. You can also marinate the chicken breast in a marinade of your choice. You can add herbs and spices to your chicken to make it more fragrant and delicious. This is the best way to prepare and smoke chicken. This method is a great way to cook your favorite meat. Just follow these tips to make your chicken taste delicious.