New Feature Recipe Box-By ZipList


 New Feature Recipe Box-By ZipList

When I look around my office or around the house I am amazed at the number of recipe books I have on hand that I am searching through all the time. I thought it would be great with the amount of recipes we have on the internet today if there was on place on my computer I could keep my favorite ones stored. Just like my books and magazines there are hundreds of cooking blogs to search through.

Recipe box is a feature that allows you do just that. You can save recipes in one location from sites such as Martha Steward, Recipe Girl, Simply recipes, and now Cully’s Kitchen along with many more. Just go to the left sidebar and click on recipe box to learn about the many features. Once you are set up you can save a recipe by clicking on the save button in the recipe post.


“Oh”; did I mention it’s FREE!