Quick Chili Recipe

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Quick Chili Recipe

Here in Upper Michigan the temperatures our just terrible this week. We have single digits for daytime highs that are barely above zero and wind chills going in to the 30-40 below zero range. This put the family in the mood for chili real fast.

There is no doubt that the best way to make chili is by allowing it to simmer for a long period of time; but sometimes, time does not allow for that. This Quick Chili Recipe is pretty basic and seasoned almost perfectly for my taste. I don’t like a lot of heat in my chili and this recipe does not have cayenne pepper as one of the ingredients so it’s pretty mild. If you like your chili on the hot side add some cayenne pepper to taste.

The next time you are in the mood for chili and don’t have the time to spend hours cooking it give this Quick Chili Recipe a try. It’s really good.

Quick Chili Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3-4
  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • 2 tablespoons Chili Powder
  • 2 teaspoons ground Cumin
  • 1½ teaspoons Garlic Salt
  • ½ teaspoon dried Oregano Leaves
  • 1 can dark red kidney beans (15 ounces drained)
  • 1 can diced tomatoes (14½ ounces)
  • 1 can tomato sauce (8 ounces)
  • 1 medium onion (chopped)
  • 1 green pepper (chopped-optional)
  • Shredded cheddar for garnish
  1. In a large skillet brown the burger, and onion, until burger is no longer pink inside. Drain if needed.
  2. In a large kettle or Dutch oven mix together the burger, green pepper, tomatoes, tomato sauce and all the seasoning.
  3. Bring the chili to a boil, reduce the heat to low, and simmer for 20 minutes or until the green pepper is tender.
  4. Garnish with Shredded cheddar


Quick Chili Recipe Quick Chili Recipe

Quick Chili Recipe Quick Chili Recipe

Quick Chili

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