Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe

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Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe

This is not your ordinary chili and I thought for a change of pace this Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe was really good. It combines chili seasoning with Italian seasoning adding in some garden vegetables like zucchini and sweet red pepper. I used regular Italian sausage for this recipe because I don’t like a lot of heat. If you want it a little hotter use hot Italian or add some red pepper flakes to taste. If you have a busy day coming up and would like a recipe you can put on in the morning, then set it and forget it till supper time; give this Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe a try, and enjoy.


1 pound lean ground beef

1/2 pound bulk Italian Sausage

1 can diced tomatoes (28 ounce)

1 can tomato sauce (8 ounces)

1 medium onion (chopped)

1 large sweet red pepper (chopped)

1 cup water

1/2 cup celery (sliced)

1/ 4 cup beef broth

1 tablespoon chili powder

1 tablespoon Italian seasoning

1 teaspoon sugar

4 cloves garlic (minced)

1/ 2 teaspoon salt

1 can kidney beans (16 ounces rinsed and drained)

1 package fresh mushrooms sliced (8 ounces)

1 small zucchini cubed (about 1 to 1 1/2 cups)

3 tablespoons fresh parsley (chopped)

Shredded Mozzarella cheese for garnish (optional)




1. In a large skillet brown the burger and sausage over medium heat until no longer pink inside.

making Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe making Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe

2. While the sausage is cooking combine the tomatoes, tomato sauce, onion, red pepper, water, celery, broth, chili powder, Italian seasoning, sugar, garlic and salt in the slow cooker.

making Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe

3. Drain the meat if needed and add it to the slow cooker-cook on low for 6 to 7 hours , or until the onion and pepper are tender.

4. Add the beans, zucchini, mushrooms and parsley. Cover and cook on high for another 30 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender.

making Slow Cooker Italian Chili Recipe

Serve hot garnished with Shredded Mozzarella cheese

Slow Cooker Italian Chili

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