Slow Cooker Venison Roast Recipe

Slow Cooker Venison Roast Recipe

Archery deer season opened up here in Michigan on October 1st so I thought this would be a great time to prepare this Slow Cooker Venison Roast recipe. This is a rolled venison roast but if you don’t have a boneless roast available, just use a bone in roast and forget about the rolling part, and add the pork in with the roast.

If you like venison and need a great set it and forget it recipe, this is it; ounce it’s on it will take care of itself. Depending on the age of the deer this will take a good 7-8 hour on high before it is ready. I served this Slow Cooker Venison Roast with mashed potatoes, the gray is absolutely delicious. Enjoy


2 -3 lbs venison roast (rump roast for boneless)

1 pound pork (pork roast of pork butt)

1 medium onion

1 (10 1/2 ounce) can cream of mushroom soup

1 (10 1/2 ounce) can brewed coffee- measured with soup can

1 (3 ounce) envelope Dry Onion Soup Mix

1 teaspoon McCormick grill mates steak seasoning

Course ground black pepper to taste


1. Lay the roast on a cutting board and butterfly the sections as needed so it lays flat. Be careful not to cut all the way through the meat.

2. Slice the onion and spread it evenly over the top of the roast.

Venison Rolled roast Venison Rolled roast

3. Cut the pork if necessary to fit crosswise on the roast, you may end up with 2 pieces. Place the pork toward the center of the roast. Sprinkle pepper to taste-roll and tie with butchers twine.

4. Place roast in the slow cooker.

slow cooker Venison Rolled roast Venison Roast

5. In a medium bowl mix the coffee with the cream of mushroom soup until smooth. Pour over venison roast.

6. Sprinkle with the dry onion soup mix and steak seasoning.

Cook on high for 7-8 hours or until tender. Separate the meat from the juices and thicken the juice for gravy

Slow Cooker Venison Roast