How To Tell If Lamb Is Bad?

If you’ve ever tried to eat a piece of lamb and later realized that it’s terrible, you probably know that the meat has oxidized. When oxygen contacts the flesh of the meat, a brownish-red color will appear. This color change takes time to develop and can indicate that the meat is old. If you’re not sure whether the meat is old or not, check the expiration date.

What Is The Best Red Wine For Cooking Lamb?

Lamb goes well with a variety of red wines. However, you might be wondering which red wine is ideal for cooking lamb. The meat’s cut and cooking process determine the proper red wine. A well-balanced red will cut the fat and tenderize it without overpowering it. If you don’t want your wine to taste bitter, choose a semi-sweet or acidic red.

The best red wine for cooking lamb has a high tannin content and is ideal for medium-rare cooking. Choose a Bordeaux blend or a Merlot-based blend if you want your lamb to be medium-well done.