How to Tell if Turkey Meat is Bad?

What is the best way to tell whether turkey flesh is terrible? Because bacteria is the most common cause of decomposing turkey, smelling it for a sulfur odor is a good first clue. Dry, smooth, and odorless ground turkey is ideal. Ground poultry that is mushy, slimy, or sticky can harbor bacteria. You can be sure it’s tainted if it’s green.

How To Tell If A Turkey Is Bad?

While a cooked turkey has a sell-by date, it does not have a use-by date. This means that you can safely use the meat after the expiry date. While using food that is past its sell-by date is safe, be sure to follow proper hygiene practices to prevent foodborne illness. The easiest way to tell if a turkey is terrible is to smell it. A bad turkey may have an unpleasant odor or discoloration, and it may also have a slimy appearance. This slime is caused by bacteria and is not a sign that the meat is spoiled.