How to Make Chamoy?


To quickly prepare chamoy, you only need eight really simple and easy-to-find items to make this savory sauce! This recipe for chamoy is quick, easy, flavorful, and adaptable in various ways. It features the ideal proportion of spices and a blend of sweet, sour, and salty flavors. The best part about making your chamoy sauce … Read more

Does Chamoy Go Bad?

 Chamoy is usually a sauce or spice made from pickled fruits, but it can also mean the pickled fruits themselves. It often has a taste that is a bit sour and acidic, along with some saltiness and sweetness, giving it a very complex flavor. To give the sauce some heat, chili powder is also added. … Read more

What is Chamoy?

What Is Chamoy

Chamoy is an immensely popular Mexican condiment. It’s nearly a culinary staple in Mexico, and it’s as expected in the United States as peanut butter. Although many in Mexico have grown up eating chamoy as a fruit sauce and a confectionery ingredient, the savory dish originated in China. Chamoy did not become popular in Mexico until the 1990s, according to food historian Rachel Laudan (via NPR).