Best New York-Style Cheesecake Recipes

In search of the ideal cheesecake recipe? To call a dish “perfect,” especially for something like cheesecake, where everyone has their taste, takes a little hubris. With these recipes, anyone can make a creamy, lovely, crack-free cheesecake in the New York manner. Despite having basic ingredients, making cheesecake might be a little intimidating. Because cheesecake … Read more

How to Tell if Cheesecake is Bad?

cheese cake

The cheesecake ingredients are eggs, cream, cheese, and flavorings, and all have a short shelf life. If left out at room temperature, the cheesecake will inevitably go wrong and become unsafe to eat. Because of the high moisture content and perishable components, cheesecake is an ideal breeding habitat for visible mold and unseen bacteria like listeria and salmonella, which are difficult to detect with the human eye but are nevertheless harmful. Unfortunately, the cheesecake does not last long before it goes rotten.