Chestnut Nutrition Facts


Chestnuts resemble fruits more than genuine nuts since they are low in fat and high in vitamin C. Before eating, the prickly husk and the dark brown shell must both be removed. Chestnuts have been used as food for countless years. They can be combined with pastries or eaten raw, roasted, crushed into flour, or … Read more

How to Tell if Chestnuts are Bad?


There are several ways to tell if chestnuts are bad. For example, you can check if they are fuzzy or have mold. You can also test whether they are cooked or not by putting them in water. If they float, they are probably bad and should be thrown away. You should also feel for a soft give in the outer shell and the inside meat. If they are soft, they’re probably not good for eating.

If you’re buying fresh chestnuts, make sure to soak them for 15 minutes before you eat them.