How To Choose The Best Nylon Spoons For Cooking?

While the idea of nylon spoons for kitchen use may not occur to most cooks, they are the most practical and affordable type of spoon for the average cook. The material is flexible, easy to clean, and does not conduct heat. You can find one in any color and size. They measure 11 inches in length, so you should be able to use one in any recipe.

Best Wood For Cooking Spoons

wooden spoon

When choosing the best wood for cooking spoons, consider the type of use and style. A broad, deep head and flat edge with an angled corner are ideal for scrubbing bottoms and reaching into the corners of pots. A broad, shallow handle is ideal for stir-frying, deglazing pots, and scraping food from the bottom. Solid beechwood spoons have a comfortable, firm grip and have rounded corners.

A spoon made of Mahogany is an excellent choice for those who cook frequently. Mahogany grown in Fiji displays a low radial shrinkage and a 1:1 radial and axial shrinkage ratio.