What Makes the Best Marinade for Dry Heat Cooking?

When choosing the ideal marinade for dry heat cooking, the acid-to-oil ratio is critical. While it is generally acceptable to use a 3:1 acid-to-oil ratio, double-check it before you begin cooking. Also, add sugar if you want to sweeten the marinade a bit. Finally, avoid over-marinating the meat. Here are some guidelines for creating the ideal marinade for cooking over … Read more

The Best Marinade For Dry Heat Cooking

Meat that has been marinated helps to retain moisture and tenderize it. Unlike bringing, marinating uses acid to break down the meat’s surface and tenderize it. Only the surface of the meat is affected by the acid. A different type of marinade will be beneficial for your cooking if you want to cook your meat from the inside out. The acid in the marinade won’t go below the surface of the meat.

Choosing the correct marinade for dry heat cooking is essential for grilling, and this is best accomplished by soaking the meat in the sauce.