Fairlife Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

With Fairlife ice cream nutrition statistics, you’ll know which frozen sweets are the healthiest. With only two grams of saturated fat, ultra-filtered milk is minimal in fat and sugar. It also has more protein than other ice creams and provides more than half of your daily calcium needs. Fairlife has a long shelf life since it is pasteurized at high temperatures. The brand has recently introduced a new taste, Cookies & Creme, and a new box design.

The light ice cream is dairy-free and contains eight or nine grams of high-quality protein.

Fairlife Chocolate Core Power Protein Drink Nutrition Facts

Core Power Protein Shakes

Core Power protein smoothies are a tasty way to recover after a workout. Core Power is prepared using lactose-free, ultra-filtered milk. Core Power protein beverages help develop lean muscle and support healthy workout recovery by providing high-quality complete protein and all nine essential amino acids.

There are no artificial sweeteners in Core Power 26g (11.5 floz) chocolate protein drinks. Chocolate and Vanilla tastes are available.