What is Farro?

What Is Farro?

Farro is a critical component of the Mediterranean diet, which is often regarded as the healthiest way of eating in the world. Farro’s nutty flavor and chewy texture make it versatile and adaptable to various cuisines.  Farro is another name for it, and others call it misspelled.

Five Nutritional Benefits Of Farro


Ancient grains such as farro are becoming increasingly popular in modern diets. Like quinoa, farro is a hearty, fiber-rich grain that stands up to various cooking techniques and tastes excellent. It’s now a staple in many Mediterranean cuisines. Here are some of the nutritional benefits of farro. Read on for five of its best uses. And, don’t forget to add some grilled chicken to your next meal!

Farro is a high-protein grain. One cup contains around 200 calories and closes to eight grams of cholesterol-reducing fiber. In addition, it has nearly twice as much protein as white rice.