What is Fudge?


The majority of people associate Fudge with the holiday season. On the other hand, Fudge is a fantastic summertime treat because it requires no baking! Fudge is a candy made from crystallized sugar made from cooking sugar, butter, milk, salt, and other flavorings. It is not always made with chocolate. One of the most popular fudge flavor variations is chocolate fudge. That comes as no surprise: chocolate fudge makes perfect sense to us without being overly biased.

This crystalline candy has a texture somewhere between fondant icing and hard caramels.

Key Lime Pie Fudge Recipe

Key Lime Pie Fudge Recipe

The key lime (also known as “Mexican lime” and “West Indies lime”) has been prized for its fruit and ornamental foliage for thousands of years in the Indo-Malayan region. Its unusual flavor makes it much sought after, especially for exquisite sweets, despite being smaller and having more seeds than the more popular Persian lime.