How much Gas does a BBQ Use?


Do you want to know how much gas a BBQ use? You might be surprised by the response, but the reality is that it depends. BBQs use more gas than you might realize, but in the long term, you’ll save money. If you’d prefer not to worry about how much gas your grill uses, you … Read more

What Gas for BBQ?

Gas for BBQ?

The start of summer (kind of) has us thinking about being outside, spending languid afternoons in the garden, and grilling juicy steaks. You probably need a new gas bottle whether you have bought a new gas BBQ or are taking your old one out of storage. But which gas is best for your barbecue? And where may one purchase it? Discover the responses to these and more questions by continuing to read.

A gas BBQ warms up quickly, has little to no setup, and does not need to be cleaned of ash.