How to Make Healthy Granola Recipe?

This healthy granola recipe is delicious and naturally sweetened with maple syrup (or honey). Oats, coconut oil, and preferred nuts and fruits are used to make it. Instead of using white or brown sugar, we can naturally sweeten it with a small amount of maple syrup, making it the perfect level of sweetness. In order … Read more

Is Granola Healthy for you?

Granola has been an American staple since the late 19th century. Consisting of whole grains and oats, nuts, honey, dried fruit and other preserved foods, this hearty breakfast has maintained its popularity over the years as a popular breakfast food, snack, and addition to baked goods, yogurt, and desserts. Most people think of granola as a healthy breakfast cereal. It can also include other grains, puffed rice, dried fruit, seeds, spices, and nut butter.