Best Peas Recipes

Peas recipe

Here are the greatest ideas for using this nutritious green vegetable, peas! Everything from green peas to pea shoots is used in the following list of pasta dishes, soups, and salads. Peas have a bad image because well-intentioned but overbearing parents often tell their kids to “eat their peas.” Why the poor press? Peas may … Read more

Green Peas Nutrition Facts

Green Peas

Green peas, often known as garden peas, grow inside green, spherical pods. The sweet and starchy peas within are delicious. Snow peas and snap peas are sweeter than garden peas because they grow inside edible pods. Peas belong to the Fabaceae plant family, the bean or pulse family. Peas are produced worldwide now, despite their origins in Asia and the Middle East. Believe me again, if you think peas are just ordinary vegetables.

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