How to Grill Halloumi in a Pan?

How to Grill Halloumi in a Pan

If you are wondering how to grill halloumi in the pan, there are a few tips to help you cook the cheese properly. First, it is best to cook halloumi in a single layer in a pan. This will help the halloumi brown and cook evenly. Halloumi is a semi-hard white cheese made in the … Read more

How to Cook Halloumi on BBQ?

It’s hardly strange if you’ve never heard of halloumi. The cheese has long been a staple on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, but the United States has only lately begun to import genuine Halloumi.

Just as it has been done for years, it is produced from sheep and goat milk. To stretch and soften fresh curd in the manner of pasta filata, boiling whey is buried in it. The young cheese is then folded into wedges approximately the size of a small pocketbook and matured in baskets.