Best Cooking For Kids Ages 4-8

The best cooking for kids ages four and up involves activities that focus on independence. Young children can perform most tasks in the kitchen at this age, but the skills needed for more OK work are still developing. Even if children are old enough to supervise themselves, they should be closely monitored, as they are prone to distractions. Parents can give suggestions on activities and supervise while their child plays.


Cooking with your child is fun! Your preschooler is able to read recipes and work independently.

Hot Dog Sloppy Joe Recipe

When I saw this Hot Dog Sloppy Joes Recipe, I thought, what a cool idea. This recipe is about as basic as it gets. It is very good, but there is plenty of room for improvement. I prepared the recipe as written mainly out of curiosity. If I were to make it again I would add some garlic powder, black pepper to taste, and maybe some chopped green pepper. You could use your imagination and turn this recipe into a very good dish. My wife really enjoyed it; saying that it was good having something simple, and plain, without a …

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