Kirkland Ready to Freeze Vodka Cocktails Nutrition Facts

Kirkland Ready to Freeze Vodka Cocktails is a great way to have a quick alcoholic summer snack. Each pop has only 100 calories and has an alcohol content of 8% by volume. Kirkland’s vodkas are made without artificial sweeteners so that the cocktail will be low in calories but heavy in alcohol.

Kirkland Vodka Nutrition Facts


If you’re thinking about buying a bottle of Kirkland vodka, you should first learn about the dietary data. The distillery that makes Jim Beam’s Grey Goose also produces the most popular vodka brand. Kirkland’s Signature Vodka is distilled from the same water source as the more expensive version, which boasts of using water from an exclusive well and a unique milling technique. These two brands have comparable dietary data because they don’t include any other ingredients than alcohol.

Even though Vodka is regarded as a low-calorie beverage, the greater the proof, the more calories it contains.