Best Lychee Recipes

Best Lychee Recipes

Recipes for litchi Citrus fruits and refreshing drinks that may refresh our bodies are what summer is all about. The lychee, also known as litchi, is a subtropical fruit that originated in South China. Because it is so significant to their culture, they refer to it as the “king of fruits.” Peeling off the exterior … Read more

How to Peel and Eat Lychee?

Lychee is a tasty tropical fruit that can be eaten at any time of the year. It is a fruit from China and is sometimes spelled litchi or called alligator strawberry. It can grow in some parts of the United States. Usually, you can buy fresh lychee at an Asian market. Under the hard, bumpy husk is soft, white flesh that tastes like a mix of strawberry and watermelon. This flesh covers the fruit’s seed, a hard stone you can’t eat.

Lychee Nutrition Facts

The lychee fruit is a small spherical fruit with scaly red skin, sweet juicy pulp, and a single big seed. Litchi is another name for Lychee. It’s a popular Asian fruit used in various desserts and drinks, including jellies, cocktails, and ice creams. Lychee is a fruit that has been grown in China for thousands of years. It now thrives in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, and the United States, among other places. Lychee can be purchased fresh, dried, or tinned.

How to Tell if a Lychee is Bad?

You can always use a knife to cut out the seed, but lychees should be eaten whole. The skin should be shiny and bright red. If the fruit turns brown or grey, it is spoiled or rotten. However, if it is still green or yellow, it can still be consumed. If the skin is dark, it is best to throw it away and compost it.


Look at the inside of the lychee. The flesh should be white and firm. If it is discolored, it is likely fermented and must not be eaten.