How to Cook Egg in Microwave Safely?

Egg in Microwave Safely

Suppose you’re looking for a quick and healthy way to cook an egg in the microwave; keep reading. Here is a quick tip that is always effective. It only takes four minutes! Additionally, it is very safe! Follow these simple directions, and your delicious egg will be ready. However, you should know that you must … Read more

How to Cook Bacon in Microwave?

Bacon in Microwave

On Saturday mornings, bacon is necessary, and who wouldn’t want to know how to make it more quickly? Bacon may be cooked most quickly in the microwave, and less fat is left behind for you to clean up. There are no filthy skillets, greasy stoves, or baking sheets that are too hot to handle. The best course of action is this. It also works well for these Jell-O shots with bacon and bourbon.