How to Tell if Nutmeg has Gone Bad?


If it is preserved properly, nutmeg is safe to eat. Eating old nutmeg can make you sick if the nutmeg is not taken care of properly. It is preferable to throw away nutmeg after its expiration date if you know that it has frequently been exposed to heat or moisture, especially if it has been … Read more

What is Nutmeg?

What Is Nutmeg

Nutmeg is used as an amulet to ward against harm, disease, and evil powers during the Middle Ages. On the other hand, Nutmeg was a potent aphrodisiac in East India and China. Although Nutmeg’s supernatural qualities are no longer touted, its rich, toasty flavours can add some magic to modern-day kitchens.

Nutmeg is a spice derived from the seeds of the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrant), an evergreen tree native to Indonesia that produces two prominent spices: Nutmeg and mace. Nutmeg’s interior seed and the scarlet, lace-like stuff that covers it is mace.

Nutmeg Nutrition Facts


Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) is a popular spice in baked products, holiday delicacies, ethnic cuisine, and beverages. Nutmeg seeds are ground to make the spice, which comes from a flowering plant in the Myristicaceae family (sometimes known as the nutmeg family) native to Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Nutmeg also contains trace levels of vitamin A, folate, choline, and vitamin C, but not in sufficient amounts to affect your daily vitamin consumption.


Nutmeg has several health benefits in addition to being delicious. However, it would help if you never ate more than what is generally used in cooking.