How to Make Onion Powder?

Homemade Onion Powder will convince you that you will never need to buy pre-packaged onion powder again. You might also wish to make Onion Soup Mix and keep it on hand when a recipe calls for it. It’s simple to buy onion powder at your local supermarket, but you’ll never buy it again once you make your own. It’s also a lot easier to manufacture and has a superior flavor. Before rinsing and drying the onions, I decided to grate them.

Onion Powder Nutrition Facts

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Onion powder is manufactured from dried onions and has a strong flavor that goes well with various cuisines. When you cook with onion powder, you get some health benefits because it includes some nutrients, but only in small amounts, so you can’t rely on it to meet your daily requirements. Look for onion powder in your supermarket’s spice section, and don’t confuse it with onion salt.

Onion powder has a strong flavor but has only 2 mg of salt per teaspoon.