Oregano Nutrition Facts

Oregano Nutrition Facts

Oregano is not only a flavoring herb; it also has health advantages and is used as a home treatment for a variety of disorders. However, there isn’t enough scientific data to back up oregano’s medical claims. Oregano’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunity-boosting qualities are attributed to phytonutrients, particularly carvacrol.

Oregano’s phytochemicals may aid reduce cough and muscle spasms and combat infections. Some believe it is also beneficial to the intestines, as it assists digestion by increasing bile flow (a fluid produced by the liver that aids fat digestion).

The Best Oregano for Cooking


Oregano is a spice that can be used in a variety of recipes. The leaves of this plant are highly aromatic, and fresh Oregano is more potent than dried Oregano. The drying process concentrates the essential oils and intensifies the flavor. The aroma of Oregano varies widely, and you may need more or less depending on the dish. If you have a lot of cooking on your mind, you may want to choose a dried type.

Fresh Oregano is the most expensive option, but you may be able to find cheaper varieties in the grocery store.