Best Temperature For Cooking Pancakes

The best temperature for cooking pancakes depends on the type of pan you’re using and how much batter you’re making. A smaller burner works best for this purpose, so use the medium to low heat. For a giant grill, use medium to high heat. To find out the best temperature, test a few drops of water in the pan. If they sizzle, the pan is ready to cook. If they don’t, add a few drops of water to the pan.


When cooking pancakes, use low heat and medium-high heat.

Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

I had been planning on posting pumpkin pancakes but was trying to hold up until fall. I was having a hard time figuring out what to cook and had some pumpkin on hand I wanted to use up so I prepared a breakfast supper of Pumpkin Pancakes. Looking around the web there were quite a few different recipes for pumpkin pancakes but they all were pretty close to the same. Like most pancake recipes this Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe is simple to put together but when you add the milk into the recipe, add it a little at a time. I …

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