How to Make Dehydrated Peaches?

How to Make Dehydrated Peaches

Dehydrated peaches are a healthy snack that can last up to 6 months when kept in an airtight container. You can also put them in yogurt with granola and bake pies and cakes with them. Dried peaches are a tasty and easy-to-carry snack that is full of vitamins. These little pieces are also great in … Read more

How to Peel Peaches?

How to Peel Peaches?

Begin with juicy, fresh peaches. They should be substantial for their size, with a bit of giving towards the stem (or stem end) and a peach-like aroma if you’re unsure about your abilities to select a ripe peach. Peeling whole peaches is the focus, and it’s the best way to peel more than a peach or two. If you only need to peel one or two peaches, do so after pitting and slicing them.

If you have more than a few peaches to peel, start by bringing a pot of water to a boil.