How to Slice a Watermelon?

How to Slice a Watermelon?

Nothing like sinking into a large bowl of cool, juicy watermelon as the weather starts to heat up. I’ve developed an easy and fool-proof method for breaking down whole watermelons into perfectly cubed, bite-sized pieces, whether I’m getting ready to host a backyard BBQ or want to prep fresh fruit ahead of time for my boys to grab during the week.

You’ll never slice a watermelon in an old-fashioned manner again after learning my simple approach for breaking it down.

Nutrition Facts for a Slice of Cheese Pizza

Slice of Cheese Pizza

A slice of cheese pizza contains around 213 calories. Increasing the amount of cheese, mushrooms, and veggies can lower the calorie count. You can lower the calorie count by lowering the amount of cheese or substituting other components. A serving of meat lovers’ thin crust pizza with additional mozzarella, for example, can have around 500 calories. It is unhealthy to consume too much of anything, and it’s crucial to choose a lower-fat pizza if you’re eating a pizza with a high-calorie crust.

Too much cholesterol is not recommended in the American Dietary Guidelines.