How Long Does Thawed Chicken Last In The Refrigerator?

You might wonder how long thawed chicken stays in the refrigerator, and you should first know that the chicken does not stay frozen for that long if it is properly stored. To thaw the chicken quickly, you can either microwave it or use the cold water method to thaw the chicken.

Chicken Nutrition Facts

How To Thaw Chicken?
You can defrost chicken in several different ways. Please note that these methods do not involve defrosting at room temperature on the counter or in a basin of hot water.

How To Tell If Thawed Chicken Is Bad?

One of the easiest ways to tell if the thawed frozen chicken is bad is to look at its appearance. Chicken may be gray or even greyish. While it is unlikely that a whole chicken has spoiled, it’s worth a test to ensure it is still edible. A simple way to test for rotting is to run water over the chicken. It probably hasn’t gone well if the chicken looks slick and white.