How to Tell if Tomato Paste is Bad?

If you’ve never wondered how to determine whether tomato paste is accurate, go through this guide. The flavor, color, and texture of the paste all indicate whether it is rotting or not. It is undoubtedly molded if your tomato paste is discolored or smells bad. The runny or watery mixture shouldn’t be utilized for cooking … Read more

Heinz Tomato Paste Nutrition Facts

The Heinz Tomato Paste is an all-natural tomato paste that provides an extra-rich flavor and versatility to any dish. The thick, red, and concentrated sauce is made with all-natural vine-ripened tomatoes. The nutrient profile is low in fat and high in carbohydrates, with less than two grams of added sugar per serving. It has no cholesterol or saturated fat and contains 12% protein and 20 mg of natural sodium per serving.

Heinz Tomato Paste Nutrition Facts
What Is Tomato Paste?
The tomato paste is created from vine-ripened tomatoes that have been seasoned with salt and natural spices.