What is Yeast?


Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the single-celled organism that makes up yeast, needs nutrients, temperature, and moisture to survive. It turns its food, sugar, and starch into alcohol and carbon dioxide through fermentation. Carbon dioxide is what causes baked items to rise. The yeast cell, which is smaller than a grain of sand and can only be seen … Read more

How To Tell If Yeast Is Good Or Bad?

If you wonder how to tell if yeast is good or not, this article will help you make an informed decision. While yeast has a relatively long shelf life, it can go wrong when stored improperly or for too long. If you notice that the yeast is “tired” or “unhealthy,” it’s probably spoiled. You can also test the yeast to ensure it is still active and potent by proofing it before using it in recipes.


Yeast Nutrition Facts

What Is Yeast?
Yeasts are single-celled microbes that are hundreds of millions of years older than humans.