The Best Cooking Tripods For Camping

A Camping Cooking Tripod is perfect if you want to prepare delicious meals outdoors without using a stove. There are several varieties available on the market today. To make your selection easier, read on for some helpful tips! You can also learn about the Coleman Tripod Grill and Texsport Tripod. These products will make your outdoor camping trip a great experience!

The Best Cooking Tripods For Camping

When cooking over a campfire, you must ensure the right temperature, so choose a tripod with adjustable leg elements. Ensure that the tripod’s legs are away from the main fire so they won’t get damaged. A medium-sized tripod can be used with heavy Dutch ovens and coffee pots. For more flexibility and convenience, choose a tripod made of durable stainless steel. This model will not rust and is corrosion resistant. A triangular board with an inner hole diameter of 0.78 inches will provide a stable surface for cooking. It comes with a chain that adjusts up to 46.5 inches. The entire tripod is made of top-grade materials and has a leather pouch for storage.

A cooking tripod has three strong steel legs, a hook in the middle of the legs that join at the top, and a chain that can hang a pot or grill from the tripod. The cooking tripod makes it easy to cook over an open fire while camping. The cooking tripod makes it easy to cook over an open fire while camping. In addition to being easy to pack and move, a cooking tripod lets you change the cooking temperature quickly and easily, no matter what kind or size of pot or pan is used. Shortening the chain holding up the cooking tool lowers the temperature and raises it. Lengthen the chain and move the cooking tool closer to the campfire to get more heat.

Set up the tripod and adjust the legs before you start cooking and building the campfire. This will ensure enough space between the fire and where the pot, pan, or grill will hang. A cooking tripod will hold a Dutch oven in the air well. Soups are often cooked slowly over an open fire in a Dutch oven hung from a tripod and placed over the fire. Or, you can hang a Dutch oven from a tripod to keep a meal that has already been cooked warm. Other, more modern pots can also be used with the tripod method.

The easiest way to heat water in other dishes is to hang it from a tripod. A grill grate that is suspended by three chains from the tripod’s center hanging hook can be used to cook over a campfire. Finding the right balance for the tripod grill takes a few seconds of work so that the cooking surface is level. Once the grill is hung straight, it’s easy to start cooking food. You can put a coffee pot on the grill, but be careful not to make the grill move so much that the coffee pot falls over and puts out the fire.

The Best Cooking Tripods for Camping

Here Are the Top Five Tripods for Camping

1. Coleman Tripod Grill

If you enjoy grilling over a campfire, you will appreciate the Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger. Its 17-inch grate makes it an excellent choice for steaks and hot dogs. This portable grill is made of top-quality galvanized steel and is designed to collapse into two pieces for easy transport. In addition, you can use the grill for cooking directly onto the included grill gate. This grill also comes with shock-corded legs to ensure stability in any terrain.

Coleman Tripod Grill


If you’re looking for a high-quality and affordable cooking stand, consider the Sunnydaze Tripod Grill. The lightweight and compact design feature a 17-inch grill and adjustable chain, and this grill also includes a convenient camp table. Customers have given great reviews for the Texsport Tripod, which stands 42 inches tall and weighs just 7 pounds. It features durable metal legs and is available at several price points, from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

The Tripod grill has a lot of benefits. The setup process is simple and requires no additional parts. However, the legs of the tripod can get very hot, so use safety precautions while cooking. The legs are also very long – 43.3 inches – which is useful for larger pots but not high-elevation fire pits. Also, the grill’s weight is over 11 pounds, making it difficult to move it in tight places.

2. Texsport Tripod

If you want to cook over an open fire but are not comfortable with the mess and hassle of grills and hot plates, the Texsport Deluxe Campfire Tripod will save you a great deal of trouble. You can cook eggs, hot dogs, or soup without worrying about cleaning a grill. The tripod provides a sturdy base to hold fire, so you can eat your food without spilling any liquid on the ground.

Another great camping cooking tripod is the Texsport Deluxe Campfire Tripod. This sturdy tripod allows you to boil eggs, hot dogs, and soup over an open fire. No grill or hot plates are needed, and you don’t have to worry about splattering water or food on your tent. The tripod’s stable base will keep your pet from sliding around. If you are cooking with a larger pot, you can use the Texsport Deluxe Campfire Tripod.

Texsport Tripod


This camping cooking tripod is sturdy and easy to set up. The sturdy frame is great for Dutch ovens, coffee pots, and more. Made from galvanized steel, the tripod features shock-corded legs. The tripod also has two S-hooks and an adjustable chain so you can hang the pots at a convenient height. While the tripod has a durable and sturdy design, it isn’t meant for a heavy pot, so if you need to use the tripod over a flame, you can use a lighter one.

3. Lixada Camping Bonfire Tripod

Lixada Camping Bonfire Tripod


4. Alocs Camping Tripod

Made of hard alumina and plated steel, the campfire tripod for cooking is high quality, can withstand high temperatures, and lasts for a long time. It is the perfect camping accessory to hang a pot cooker, and up to 20 kg can be put on it.
“Easy to Put Together”: The picnic tripod is made with a buckle that can be pulled back and adjusted to fit the needs of a 6cm aluminum tube. This is very convenient and doesn’t require any extra tools.
Simple and Sturdy StructureCamping tripod with an adjustable hanging chain. You can change the height of the hanging pot to suit the occasion and have a great time with your family and friends while camping, picnicking, or barbecuing.

Alocs Camping Tripod


“Anti-slip and Scratch-Resistant”: The cooking tripod has a non-slip protective silicone cover that protects the tripod from damage by making it less likely to slip or get scratched.

【Convenient & Portable】 The camp tripod is easy to carry and store because it can be folded up and taken apart. It fits well in a camping backpack. It is the best choice for camping, picnics, and outdoor campfires.

5. Stansport Heavy-Duty Steel Cooking Tripod

  • Sturdy three-leg design for stability
  • Nickel-plated chain and “S” hook
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Holds Dutch ovens, coffee pots, teapots, etc
  • Works well to hang lanterns, water Jugs, and clothing
  • Lead-free, Heavy-duty solid steel construction, Nickel plated chain with “S” hook for easy cooking height adjustment
  • Perfect for hanging Dutch ovens, tea pots, coffee pots, etc. over a cooking fire

Stansport Heavy-Duty Steel Cooking Tripod


What you’ll Need to Make a Tripod?

Three hiking staff (Item No. 1443 at for tripod legs
10-foot-long tie-down rope (or 20 feet of binder twine folded in half) for tying down a tripod
Bail handle on a cooking pot
Five feet of string to hang the pot over the fire from the tripod’s top.

How to Choose the Best Campfire Cooking Tripods?

In reality, cooking tripods for campfires is simple, and you don’t need much technical knowledge to choose one. The best cooking tripod fits your needs and doesn’t cost too much.

Still, it would help if you remembered a few things to tell the best model from the average one.

Let’s take a look at some of the important ones.

The Material

The tripod’s durability and performance will depend on the material it is made of. Iron, steel, and aluminum are the most common choices.

  • Cast iron is the most rugged and long-lasting of these materials. Cast iron units last a long time and can handle high temperatures. But cast iron is heavy and doesn’t stand up well to the weather.
  • Steel has the best balance between how heavy and long it lasts. High carbon steel doesn’t rust or melt when it gets hot or wet. Aluminum tripods are easy to carry but don’t last as long as steel tripods.
  • Don’t forget that the chain’s quality is also important. Steel chains coated to protect them from heat are a good choice, and chains with welded links last longer than those with pressed links.


  • When we talk about how big a tripod is, height is the most important thing to consider. The best height for a tripod is about 50 inches. With an adjustable chain, this can be used to cook at both low and high temperatures. You can change the height of the cooking pot by moving the chain.
  • Shorter lengths are also good if you want to cook at high temperatures and don’t mind if the pot touches the fire. The tripod will also be lighter if it has legs that are shorter in length.
  • The overall height will go down once the three legs are spread apart. For instance, a 50-inch tripod might only be 46 inches tall when it’s set up.


Most campfire cooking tripods are not easy to move around. Still, tripods with legs that fold up are better because they take up less space. But if it is more durable and longer, it will weigh close to 10 pounds on average. If you don’t plan to use heavy pots, you can look for tripods with hollow legs that are less sturdy but lighter.

Ease of Use

Using a tripod that is hard to set up can be frustrating. Choose a unit that is easy to put together and take apart. That makes it easier to use the tripod and makes it easier to put it away when you’re done.


A high-quality Dutch oven can add a unique and delicious flavor to your outdoor cooking experience. You can use this tripod to support the Dutch oven and cook delicious food on the campsite. Its sturdy construction and adjustable chain make it ideal for hanging your Dutch oven. With this tripod, you can enjoy delicious food outdoors while relaxing by the fire or in the shade. Using a Dutch oven is a great way to spend quality time with your family.

A good camping tripod will allow you to set the temperature of your pot and Dutch oven without risking burnt food. A tripod works well for grilling or keeping a pot of chili soup warm while it hangs. After a few camping trips, you’ll be able to set up a tripod in a way that puts it in the middle of the campfire. Change the chain and hook points (while wearing leather gloves) to get better at cooking over a campfire.